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R.I.P. Wilko Johnson

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  • R.I.P. Wilko Johnson

    He passed away on the 21st.

    Dr. Feelgood should have been a better known band than they are!

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    Rock! Shock! Pop!

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    Rock! Shock! Pop!


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      Incredibly sad to hear this today - musically-speaking, Wilko was the man; pretty much everything he lent his name to over the years was great, and he was a unique, idiosyncratic and always interesting fellow too.

      I'm sure the other band members would have seen it differently, but I've always felt his departure from Dr Feelgood was a rare example of a musician being kicked out a band for being too good, to the extent that he pretty much dominated the stage, leaving the other three (fine players tho they were) way off in the background -- as is well evidenced by the video Ian has posted above. That guitar hook (basically playing rhythm and lead simultaneously) is just pure rock n' roll zen mastery, and damn he did it with style.

      I found it genuinely moving hearing him on the radio a few years back talking about his terminal cancer diagnosis .... and his subsequent near-miraculous survival even more so, although it's sad that his unexpected second wind couldn't have been a longer one.

      As luck would have it, I'll be visiting a local pub which used to regularly host Dr Feelgood gigs back in '70s next week (they have various signed pictures and such), so I'll be sure to raise a glass in his honour.


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        Nobody owned a stage like Wilko, he prowled around with the eyes of an escaped mental patient, that short guitar cord seemed like the only thing that was holding him back from jumping in and attacking the audience. Off stage, supposedly one of the nicest guys you could ever meet. He seemed warm, funny and intelligent in all the interviews I've seen with him. RIP.
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