The much undervalued genre director, William Fruet has an enviable C.V of magnificently entertaining midnight movies, Spasms, Death Weekend, Baker County U.S.A., and his off-beat rustic 80s shocker 'Funeral Home' is well worth digging up! As fear-master Fruet ominously orchestrates a particularly fine, slow-burning, shadow-steeped, skin-prickingly creepy Gothic horror, successfully utilizing that ubiquitous, age-old terror trope of 'There's something in the cellar!!!!.

A surprisingly entertaining, low budget fright flick that makes especially good use of its primary location, the inhospitable, historically grim, drearily dilapidated, effortlessly spooky guest house that once functioned as the local funeral home/mortuary. Needless to say, one luridly lingering, deliciously deranged occupant morbidly labours under the macabre impression that absolutely nothing has changed! More 'Psycho' than 'Motel Hell', since it suggestively focuses on evoking unsettling, atmospheric chills rather than gory splatter! That being said, the bravura ending is monumentally macabre, guaranteed to put a terror-tingle into the most resolute spine! Maestro William Fruet's fabulously fear-flocked 'Funeral Home' remains one of the more credible examples of early 80s US indie horror, and its stridently shuddersome qualities remain appealingly undimmed! Would make a great double-kill with 'The Unseen' (1980)

''Funeral Home'...Not an auspicious place to visit...but a perfect place to the mortician is always IN-sane!!!! - Weirdlingwolf / Dirty Kunst Video.

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