Gritty London gangster fantasy has frequent Video Nasty level carnage, gratuitously grisly gun play, brutal, psychotic Yardies, revenging street thugs, and conniving, sadistic, foul-mouthed on-the-make coppers, kinetic car chases, filthy nookie, Fubar'd drug deals, and more grubby double-dealing than a general election. This locomotive, hyperreal, uncompromisingly violent, conspicuously mean spirited shoot 'em up delivers a rush like an intracardial shot of adrenaline! Julian Gilbey's deliriously downbeat, metromaniacal thug-fest 'Rollin' With The Nines' remains an exhilaratingly gruesome gangland gut-puncher, replete with visceral action, powerfully raw performances, a bangin' soundtrack, and a fuck off climax! The hectic vibe might not exactly be subtle, but it's certainly never dull! Fans of 'King of New York', 'Dead Presidents' and 'Rise of The Foot Soldier' need look no further for their next bloodthirsty fix of super-stylised street level savagery!

'With more firepower than Blackie Lawless's codpiece...', the Squib-tastic shoot 'em up 'Rollin' With The Nines' kicks like a Howitzer!!!'- Weirdlingwolf.

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