'El Siniestro Dr. Orloff' (1984) is yet another audaciously absurd, perversely peccadillo-laden 80s Jesús Franco horror classic that is sure to put some additionally sinful spice in ya' grave-cooled cocktail of choice, and hopefully put the liquid funk back into poor mommy Orloff's mortally dried out pumpernickel! Cum on!!! Take a big bloody bite outta maestro Franco's lip-smackingly libidinous, super-sensually sinister celluloid smorgasbord of supernaturally skewed motherly love, as we blissfully boggle at the triumphantly twist-headed necromantic antics of Orloff Jr., whose grievous adoration of his terminally sickened mother inspires a sublimely lurid spree of pseudo-scientific insanity! Euro-cult esotericists will be happy to note that Teutonic terror icon Howard Vernon colourfully reprises his signature role of the invidiously maleficent medico Dr. Orloff, and the arrestingly charismatic Spanish actor Antonio Mayans is on pleasingly sleek, tightly-buttocked, bats-nutso form as his calamitously unhinged son Alfred Orloff!

Full frontal crudity, frequent flank-flaying frankness, and gross anatomical infamy abounds as the Oedipally outrageous Alfred desperately attempts to revivify his comatose mommy Melissa (Rocío Freixas), but in order to put a zesty zip in his mother's inertial hip he must first nefariously purloin the tenderest fleshly morsels of exotically perfumed midnight flesh-peddlars, and this despicable, murderously misguided mommy revivifying modus operandi finally puts a schism betwixt the grief-stricken Alfred and sombre big daddy Orloff (Howard Vernon). As the increasingly disturbed, mountingly macabre, maternally wanting Alfred goes about his terminally toxic task the nihilistic narrative wends its wicked way to a suitably sordid finale. Avid fans of the original, and far superior 1962 Franco classic shouldn't turn their noses up at this low budget, agreeably sleazy, gratuitously garish reprisal of the Orloff legend as, hey!!! even BAD Orloff is marginally better than absolutely no Orloff at all! By no means one of the more essential examples of dementoid Euro-horror, Franco's grubbily half-cocked shocker's laudably brief 77 minutes running time still contains enough of skin-sinister maestro's iconoclastic outré strangeness to maintain baser B-Movie interests, the sadly underappreciated Grindhouse sickie 'El Siniestro Dr. Orloff' would make a fun midnight movie pairing with the far more gruesomely adorned 'Faceless' (1987).

'Poor, demented Alfred Orloff loved his mother....to death!'
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