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To the Stars by Hard Ways (1981) Soviet Sci-Fi Movie - Longer Cut restored in HD

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  • To the Stars by Hard Ways (1981) Soviet Sci-Fi Movie - Longer Cut restored in HD

    Click image for larger version  Name:	34976-to-the-stars-by-hard-ways-0-230-0-345-crop.jpg?k=b3669a4864.jpg Views:	0 Size:	30.0 KB ID:	395918

    "In the 23rd century, the starship Pushkin discovers a derelict alien spaceship of unknown origin. The alien craft's crew are identical humanoids created by an advanced cloning process. Most are dead, but one woman is found in a catatonic state. The leader of the mission, scientist Sergei Lebedev, brings her to Earth. He settles her in his house and names her Neeya.Neeya suffers from memory loss and cannot recall anything of her past. As she adapts to life on Earth, she discovers she has a variety of telekinetic powers."

    just a heads-up this has been released recently fully restored in germany:
    it features the long version (145 min.) for the first time in HD anywhere in the world. it's not the cut down version the director's son released in 2001 or the US hack job entitled "humanoid woman" featured on MST3K.

    + the blu-ray features english subs for the whole movie, but the biggest surprise is it has the original russian language audio track (hidden audio track, you can select it manually via remote) while the back cover only lists the german dub track!
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