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R.I.P. Takashi Ishii

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  • R.I.P. Takashi Ishii

    It's being reported that he's passed away at 75.

    Having trouble finding English language confirmation but there is a Japanese language news article here:
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    I thought he already was dead, but that was the other Evil Dead Trap guy. I watched a lot of his films about 20 years ago, but haven't really kept up. Definitely a really unique writer.
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      I was very sorry to hear this news this morning. Ishii's erotic films aren't really my cup of tea, but I watched his two 'Gonin' films for the first time earlier this year (my wife gave me copies of the old DVD editions for xmas) and thought they were both absolutely fantastic. In fact, they've pretty much shot straight to the top of my list of favourite '90s Japanese crime movies. Brilliantly staged, beauitfully shot and full of memorable/unconventional characters and set-pieces - he was clearly a great talent.

      (In fact, I'd been meaning to pop in here at some point to query whether a better way of watching these films currently exists; the photography is clearly superb, but the 20+ year old DVD transfers looked like absolute shit...)


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        No good. I stuck with his films right to the end. They were getting stranger and more obsessive as they went. I was always fascinated, even if they didn't always work. I was hoping for another.
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          Though I didn't like his last few films, his importance to Japanese cinema (not to mention manga) was huge. The Angel Guts (天使のはらわた) films are some of Nikkatsu's best. His script for Love Hotel (ラブホテル ) is one of the best screenplays ever written IMO (based on the film). And he was the driving force of Japanese 90s neo noir. A Night in Nude (ヌードの夜) in particular is fantastic. Though my personal favourite Ishii may be Original Sin (死んでもいい), which features one of Hideo Murota's best roles ever.

          Coincidentally, I'll be seeing Red Vertigo in 35mm next week.

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            Very sad. Loved his films to the end.


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              Always intended to see more of his films so this seems like a good time to do so.