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    Andrew S

  • Spring Break Double Feature: Private Resort/Hardbodies

    Spring Break Double Feature: Private Resort/Hardbodies

    Released by Mill Creek Entertainment
    Released on: March 15, 2016
    Directed by: George Bowers/Mark Griffiths
    Cast: Rob Morrow, Johnny Depp, Grant Cramer, Teal Roberts
    Year: 1985/1984
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    The Movie:

    The 1980s saw the release of countless teen sex comedies. Mill Creek's Spring Break Double Feature brings together two such films on Blu-Ray, 1985's Private Restort and 1984 Hardbodies. I have nostalgic memories of each film
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  • Mark Tolch
    Senior Member

  • Ski School

    Ski School

    Released By: Olive Films
    Released On: June 23, 2015.
    Director: Damian Lee
    Cast: Dean Cameron, Tom Bresnahan, Mark Thomas Miller
    Year: 1990

    The Film: "Ski's not about learning how to ski!" proclaims the trailer for 1990's Ski School, and though the setting of the film does indeed take place at a ski school, a more accurate tagline would be difficult to come up with. Set in the gorgeous Canadian mountain ranges of Whistler
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  • Todd Jordan
    Smut is good.

  • Virgin Snow

    Virgin Snow

    Released by: Video-X-Pix
    Released on: 8/8/2008
    Director: Bill Milling (as Dexter Eagle)
    Cast: Jenny Baxter, Jean Jennings, Hope Stockton, Vanessa del Rio, Sonny Landham, Robert Kerman, Eric Edwards, John Leslie
    Year: 1976
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    The Movie: Eric Edwards is a college professor visiting some friends, Clint (Roger Caine) and Sally (Hope Stockton), during the worst snowstorm to hit the area in 25 years. After a chilly start betwe...
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