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rob lowe x
    Mark Tolch
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  • Crazy Six (MVD Marquee) Blu-Ray Review

    Crazy Six (MVD Marquee) Blu-Ray Review

    Released By: MVD Marquee
    Released On: August 28, 2018.
    Director: Albert Pyun
    Cast: Rob Lowe, Mario Van Peebles, Ice-T, Burt Reynolds, Thom Matthews
    Year: 1997

    Crazy Six - Movie Review:

    It's difficult to talk about how annoying hyperbole is without using hyperbole; the urge is strong. Nonetheless, I must resist it for the sake of reviewing Crazy Six, the 1997 film released on MVD Marquee Blu-ray, which is, easily stated, the worst
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  • John Gargo
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  • Bad Influence

    Bad Influence

    Released by: Shout! Factory
    Released on: May 24th, 2016.
    Director: Curtis Hanson
    Cast: James Spader, Rob Lowe
    Year: 1990
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    The Film:
    Michael Boll (James Spader) is a nebbish financial analyst who suffers from that most bourgeois of anxieties - the banality of success. His upscale apartment is loaded with status symbols that serve as signifiers for his empty existence. He owns a fancy set of golf clubs even though
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  • Mark Tolch
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  • I Melt With You

    I Melt With You

    Released By: Magnolia Home Entertainment
    Released On: 02/28/2012
    Director: Mark Pellington
    Cast: Thomas Jane, Jeremy Piven, Rob Lowe, Christian McKay
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    The Film:
    Mini-reunion party with four college buddies at a California beach house, complete with gallons of booze, punk rock, and enough narcotics to keep a small village twitching compulsively for weeks on end? Where do I sign up? Granted, it's not everybody's idea of a good ...
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