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    Mark Tolch
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  • Pitfall


    Released By: Kino Lorber
    Released On: November 17, 2015
    Director: Andre De Toth
    Cast: Dick Powell, Lizabeth Scott, Raymond Burr, Jane Wyatt, John Litel
    Year: 1948

    The Movie: John Forbes is a man displeased with his path in life. While his younger self dreamed of building a boat and sailing around the world, the truth is that he's settled into routine as he thought he never imagined he would, with a wife, a son, a house in the suburbs, couples bri
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  • Horace Cordier
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  • Return, The

    Return, The

    Released by: Scorpion Releasing
    Released on:November 19th, 2013.
    Director: Greydon Clark
    Cast: Cybil Shepherd, Jan Michael Vincent, Raymond Burr, Martin Landau
    Year: 1980
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    The Movie: I could tell you the plot of 1980's Greydon Clark directed THE RETURN but it might make your head explode from the confusion. Released in 1980, THE RETURN is almost a perfect time capsule of the goofiest aspects of the 1970's UFO craze
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