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    Mark Tolch
    Senior Member

  • When The Wind Blows

    When The Wind Blows

    Released By: Twilight Time
    Released On: November 11, 2014
    Director: Jimmy Murakami
    Cast: John Mills, Peggy Ashcroft
    Year: 1986
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    The Film: Sometime back in the mid to late '80's, when watching television was still regarded as somewhat of a family event and you could plan out your evenings by paging through what we called a "TV Guide", my stepfather announced that we would be gathering in front of the TV that nig
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  • Mark Tolch
    Senior Member

  • The Twilight Zone Volume 2 : The Way In (TPB)

    The Twilight Zone Volume 2 : The Way In (TPB)

    Released By: Dynamite Comics
    Release Date: November 26, 2014

    The Story: Much like many an episode of The Twilight Zone, this trade paperback collection of issues known as "The Way In" begins with a dream. Diana Westby wakes in her mid-level apartment in New York City, trying to shake off her recurring nightmare of Manhattan enveloped by a mushroom cloud; total nuclear annihilation. Exhausted from lack of sleep, she heads to her job at a coffee shop, a lon
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