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  • R!S!P! Interviews Tom Angelripper Of Sodom!

    R!S!P! Interviews Tom Angelripper Of Sodom!

    German thrash pioneers Sodom are pretty much legendary at this point in their career. They've been playing old school thrash metal for over thirty-five. Tom Angelripper has been the man upfront since day one and, along with of Bernd Kost and Markus Freiwald, has recently released their latest album, Decision Day. Tom took the time to talk to us about the new album, the band's legacy and more! R!S!P! - Sodom's latest album is out this month - Decision Day - what's the sign...
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  • Horace Cordier
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  • Sodom - Decision Day

    Sodom - Decision Day

    Released by: SPV/Steamhammer
    Released on: August 26th, 2016.
    Purchase From Amazon In the pocket. German thrashers SODOM, much like the legendary MOTí–RHEAD before the death of figurehead Lemmy late last year, have been in a bit of a sweet spot for the last ten years. Ever since their eponymous 2006 release, this Kraut collective has been delivering extremely consistent CDs. Early SODOM was the gnarliest and most untamed of beasts. A brilliant mixture of unbridled in...
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