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    Ian Jane

  • Primetime Panic (Fun City Editions) Blu-ray Review

    Primetime Panic (Fun City Editions) Blu-ray Review

    Released by: Fun City Editions
    Released on: October 26th, 2021.
    Director: Joseph Sargent, Roger Young, Jonathan Kaplan
    Cast: Mare Winningham, Jennifer Warren, Ike Eisenmann, Trini Alvarado, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Mako, Mare Winningham
    Year: 1981/1982/1983
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    Primetime Panic - Movie Review: Producers Leonard Hill and Philip Mandelker hand their hands in almost twenty made for TV movies in the three years that they worked
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  • Scyther
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  • Miracle Mile

    Miracle Mile

    Released on: July 28th, 2015
    Released by: Kino Lorber
    Director: Steve De Jarnatt
    Cast: Anthony Edwards, Mare Winningham, John Agar, Kurt Fuller, Denise Crosby
    Year: 1988
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    The Movie

    Miracle Mile is a film which has deservedly received a fairly strong reputation as a cult, midnight movie classic; a story which manages to pack in action, tension romance and heart all in one lean, taut and keenly shot picture. I
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  • Ian Jane

  • George Wallace

    George Wallace

    Released by: Warner Brothers
    Released on: January 27, 2009.
    Director: John Frankenheimer
    Cast: Gary Sinese, Mare Winningham, Joe Don Baker, Angelina Jolie, Terry Kinney
    Year: 1997
    Purchase From Amazon The Movie: For those who don't know, George Wallace was a Democratic U.S. Senator who served four terms representing the state of Alabama and whose main claim to fame was that he was quite openly pro-segregation during that tumultuous time in American histor
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