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    Andrew S

  • Raid, The

    Raid, The

    Released by Well Go USA Entertainment
    Released on: October 13, 2015
    Directed by: Ching Su-tung and Tsui Hark
    Cast: Dean Shek, Jacky Cheung, Fennie Yuen, Tony Leung
    Year: 1991
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    The Movie: A group of Chinese soldiers have been inflicted by nerve gas and the only doctor that can be found for help is the elderly Dr. Choi (Dean Shek). Together with motley crew of allies, the soldiers and Choi team-up to find the
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  • Ian Jane

  • Seven Warriors

    Seven Warriors

    Seven Warriors
    Released by: Well Go USA
    Released on: April 22nd, 2014.
    Director: Sammo Hung
    Cast: Tony Leung Chiu-Wai, Sammo Hung, Jacky Cheung, Wu Ma
    Year: 1989
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    The Movie: A remake of Akira Kurosawa's classic Seven Samurai, 1989's Seven Warriors is set in the China of the 1920s where poverty runs rampant and many of the soldiers that were once gainfully employed have taken to robbing and thieving to support
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  • Ian Jane

  • Triad Underworld

    Triad Underworld

    Released by: Palisades Tartan
    Released on: September 6, 2011.

    Ching-Po Wong
    Cast: Andy Lau, Jacky Cheung, Shawn Yue

    Year: 2004

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    The Movie:
    Ching-Po Wong's crime thriller Triad Underworld gets a North American DVD debut from Tartan, though it's been out for some time in other territories as it was originally released in 2004. Regardless, it's a welcome addition to their library, even if it doesn't really fit ...
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