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    Robert Morgan

  • House (Hausu)

    House (Hausu)

    Released by: Eureka Entertainment
    Released on: February 12, 2018
    Director: Nobuhiko Obayashi
    Cast: Kimiko Ikegami, Miki Jinbo, Kumiko Ohba, Ai Matsubara, Mieko Sato, Eriko Tanaka, Masayo Miyako
    Year: 1977
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    The Movie: I don't use the expression “words fail me” much these days unless I'm reading a news story about the latest jaw-dropping development out of the Trump White House, but after my first viewing of
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  • Ian Jane

  • House: Two Stories

    House: Two Stories

    Released by: Arrow Video
    Released on: April 5th, 2017.
    Director: Steve Miner, Ethan Wiley
    Cast: William Katt, Arye Gross, George Wendt, John Ratzenberger, Richard Moll, Raye Gross, Royal Dano
    Year: 1985/1987
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    The Movies:

    Arrow Video provides some welcome Blu-ray upgrades for the first two movies in the House franchise with their boxed set release of House: Two Stories. Here's a look…

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  • Mark Tolch
    Senior Member

  • Salad Days: A Decade of Punk in Washington, DC

    Salad Days: A Decade of Punk in Washington, DC

    Released By: MVD Visual
    Released On: September 18, 2015.
    Director: Scott Crawford
    Cast: Dave Grohl, Ian Mackaye, Henry Rollins, Fred Armisen, Brian Baker, Thurston Moore
    Year: 2014

    The Film: What's that, you wondered aloud? Another documentary on hardcore punk? Do we really need another documentary? The answer is, of course, a resounding yes...with the OG scenesters dropping left and right, and the somewhat incomplete status of past documentary
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  • Ian Jane

  • House


    Released by: Lionsgate
    Released on: April 7, 2009.
    Director: Robby Henson
    Cast: Michael Madsen, Reynaldo Rosales, Julie Ann Emery, Heidi Dippold, Bill Moseley
    Year: 2007
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    The Movie:

    House takes place in the middle of nowhere, Alabama where two different couples - Jack (Reynaldo Rosales) and Stephanie (Heidi Dippold) and Leslie (Julie Ann Emery) and Randy (J.P. Davis) - who find themselves running from a killer
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