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chloe webb x
    Ian Jane

  • Sid And Nancy

    Sid And Nancy

    Released by: MGM
    Released on: December 27, 2011.
    Director: Alex Cox
    Cast: Gary Oldman, Chloe Webb, Andrew Scofield
    Year: 1986
    Purchase From Amazon The Movie: Alex Cox's second feature film, made after the success of 1984's Repo Man, was 1986's Sid And Nancy in which Gary Oldman played Sid Vicious, second (and final) bass player for The Sex Pistols. The film details his induction into the band and some of the turmoil that ensued but focuses more on his
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  • Todd Jordan
    Smut is good.

  • Repo Chick

    Repo Chick

    Released by: Industrial Entertainment
    Released on: 2/8/11
    Director: Alex Cox
    Cast: Jaclyn Jonet, Miguel Sandoval, Del Zamora, Rosanna Arquette
    Year: 2009
    Purchase From Amazon The Movie: A spoiled brat rich princess, Pixxi De La Chasse (Jaclyn Jonet) has disappointed and disgraced the family, and getting her car repossessed for not paying is the last straw. The family is so upset that Daddy and Grandma have decided that she will be dis-inherited o...
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