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    Ian Jane

  • Prometheus: Fire And Stone #2

    Prometheus: Fire And Stone #2
    Released by: Dark Horse Comics
    Released on: October 15th, 2014.
    Written by: Paul Tobin
    Illustrated by: Juan Ferreyra
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    Maybe it goes without saying but if you haven’t read the first issue of Prometheus: Fire And Stone you’re not really going to know what’s going on. So yeah, make sure you’re caught up before you jump back into the story written by Paul Tobin and wonderfully illustrated by Juan Ferreyra. Captain Angela Foster and her team are on the ‘barren moon of LV-223’ where she’s secretly hoping to discover the truth behind Sir Peter Weyland’s research into the origins of life. She and her team are surprised to find that the moon is not the desert rock they’d expected but in fact a lush jungle planet.

    On the first page of the second issue, Foster and her team enter a compound on the moon. They assume it’s empty but we can see what they cannot – a familiar reptilian tail with a very pointy end. The aliens and chest-bursters attack and the crew open fire but they’re in bad shape. They retreat, Foster radioing Traynor to alert him to the situation and to request he help get them an EVAC unit. She wants the wounded taken to the Helios hospital as it’s better equipped but given that some of the wounded have parasites on their faces, that’s not going to happen. As the EVAC unit comes in closer, the pilot realizes there’s nowhere to land just as the edge of the cliff the survivors are on starts to tumble. Making matters worse are some large ‘fish’ in the water beneath them, fish with very large teeth. The survivors make it back but there are dead and wounded to deal with and Francis and Elden split off from the main group during the attack and are still missing. Foster asks for volunteers to help her find them and then spills her guts about the real reason they are on this moon in the first place. An argument ensues but it’s interrupted by Traynor who tells Foster that Francis and Elden have been found and they’re not only alive, but they discovered a cave with relics from the previous expedition, relics that prove they are most certainly not alone and that provide clues as to how the barren moon became the jungle planet that it is.

    Meanwhile, the expedition team out to rescue them from the cave comes across a crashed alien ship while Francis and Elden decide to look into the accelerant that they’ve discovered.

    Hiding under that awesome cover art by David Palumbo is a very solid continuation of the first chapter that effectively builds on what came before and explains quite a bit but still manages to end on a suspenseful note that leaves us wanting more. Paul Tobin’s script ups the ante in terms of horror and suspense, bringing the aliens directly into the equation this time around but still hinting at Weyland’s initial mission and what that may have turned into. There’s also a good amount of action here and some interesting character development, particularly in regards to Francis and Elden as they wait in the cave for the rescue team.

    Juan Ferreyra’s artwork continues to impress. The colors are rendered very nicely and the illustrations are nicely detailed. Good use of heavy blacks builds shadowy tension well and the scenes that take place inside the crashed ship and cave are appropriately gloomy looking. The beautiful complexity of Giger’s design work for the aliens themselves is honored perfectly here, the creatures are sleek, frightening and fiercely primal. To summarize, this is a strong second issue that hints at very interesting things to come in the second half of this story.

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