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  • Danger 5

    This is probably the most brilliantly competent tv-show I've ever seen. It celebrates and mocks old cinema and tv in equal measures.

    All the actors are completely spot on and the general vibe and look of the show is a true joy to behold. So far there's one season out though it's hard to get a hold of legally. I torrented it but only because the dvd was waaay too expensive and the risk of toll charges were too high. When distribution is better I'll gladly buy it in a split second.

    Anyway they've just completed the long awaited second season and it looks absolutely magical in every way.

    Behold this greatness! (Sadly they've gotten rid of/recast the best character in the show but I still have faith in the show):

    Season 1 trailer

    Season 2 trailer

    Oh, not on Cauliflower! Oh, not on Broccoli!

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    I have never heard of this but it looks rad.
    Rock! Shock! Pop!


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      I hope someone picks it up for distribution in my part of the world, Netflix or some such.
      "No presh from the Dresh!"


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        It seems to have fallen under the radar with a lot of people unfortunately.

        Silly Swede: I emailed Njutafilms about it but I never got a reply back.

        I saw today there is a German dvd out. It too is a little too expensive but I'm severely tempted. Will probably cave in and get it after my next pay check hits.

        Oh, not on Cauliflower! Oh, not on Broccoli!


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          Njutafilms is notoriously bad at answering their mail. They sponsor my film quiz squad with prizes to give away to contestants, and last time we didn't get anything as they didn't check their mail in time.

          Also once, when we were up in Stockholm, we went by their store, which was supposed to be open from 12:00, and we got there 12:15. The door was locked and we could see them working in the office behind, so we knocked and none of them cared. They didn't open the door until 13:00, when we returned again after having had lunch first.

          I still love the company though, but they could google "Professionalism" for their own sake. :)
          "No presh from the Dresh!"