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I Am Thor! The Official RSP Jon Mikl Thor Thread!

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  • I Am Thor! The Official RSP Jon Mikl Thor Thread!

    Well, not me personally. I'm not Thor. But he is...

    This has been a few years in the making and it looks like this year it's going to make the rounds.

    This is sure to blow a few minds. Jon's got an amazing story.
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    Rock! Shock! Pop!


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      Jeez, this is playing across the street in a few minutes, but I have to eat a sandwich, so I'm going to miss it.


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        The sandwich was less of an obstacle than anticipated, and was quickly overcome.

        This isn't a pretty movie, and it's not even really honest, I kinda suspect, but it's pretty great. The sorta rise, then fall, then eleventy-year comeback is as satisfying as you'd expect, and it ends well.

        Penis. Also,Thor poodled his cat.

        See it.


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          Silly cinema-going stat: there were about a dozen people in the theatre, like a mid-career Thor gig.


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            Is this a SPINAL TAP mocumentary knock-off?
            Never heard of him.


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              It references SPINAL TAP at one point, where they can't get the usual cinder blocks used in the performance, and are given puny bricks that they mock: "like Spinal Tap Stonehenge!". It aims for the Lemmy movie, but it's much more like ANVIL: THE STORY OF ANVIL. I mean that as praise.

              Now I want to watch ROCK N ROLL NIGHTMARE again.

              I heard about Thor here, or maybe avmaniacs. There's a kind of preposterous dignity and even glory in this that I can dig.

              His ex wife sounds like she needs a documentary of her own, by the way.
              Barry M
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                Thor is great and terrible and great. Also, like, the nicest guy ever apparently.

                This is playing on Ian's birthday so I guess that's where we'll be.

                Also... can you bend steel bars and blow up rubber water bottles? I thought not.


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                  What does it take to get to the next level?

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                    Experience points.

                    Talent's overrated.


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                      Glad you got to see it Barry. It premiere's here on 6/5, like Alison said, on my birthday. Thor's performing either before or after the screening so it'll be cool to see him again. He really is the nicest guy on the planet, but yeah, his story is insane.
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                        You should wear Vancouver Canucks jerseys (the old-school V version).

                        It was showing as part of the. Canadian Music Week festivities, so I was hoping he'd attend here, too. No luck.


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                          The Vancouver Millionaires, right?

                          Odd that he's appearing in NYC but not in TO.
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                            That's the one. It's his out of costume costume for much of the film.


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                              He own the rights to the name and has a side business making merch under that name.

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