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The Jesus Lizard + Neubauten = The Unsemble

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  • The Jesus Lizard + Neubauten = The Unsemble

    Radness. Sample track here.

    "What happens when Duane Denison of The Jesus Lizard and Tomahawk teams up with Alexander Hacke of Einstí¼rzende Neubauten? Toss in Silver Jews drummer Brian Kotzur and the answer is The Unsemble. The collaboration came together during the summer of 2012, with Denison on guitar, Hacke on bass, and all three members on keyboards and electronics. The mission: a vector for improv and composition that ropes in the rock contortionism of The Lizard as well as the itchy industrialization of Neubauten. What came out the other end is a self-titled album full of twistedly cinematic, propulsively arty, subliminally tuneful instrumentals—among them the double-jointed “Act 3,” which is being debuted here. The Unsemble will be released March 4 via Ipecac Records."

    There is also a new Neubauten album in the works for release later this year so alles klar!

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    Wowza. That's an awesome bass line.

    Would love to hear David Yow and Blixa clash on vox, though.


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      Heard that over the weekend. I think I expected something a bit 'more' than that (not even sure what I really mean by that), but agree with Paul, the bass line is cool. I'll definitely grab this album once it's out.
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        Originally posted by Ian Jane View Post
        I think I expected something a bit 'more' than that (not even sure what I really mean by that)
        I hear ya. Something more raucous. Maybe the other tracks beef up the brashness.


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          "Noise rock/post-hardcore greats The Jesus Lizard are finally back for the first time in eight years. They're playing Houston's stacked Day For Night festival in December, which will be their first time playing since they last reunited in 2009."

          Hopefully more dates to follow.
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            In the meantime check out The Jazzus Lizard with David Yow on vocals:


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              New dates!

              The Jesus Lizard — 2017 Tour Dates
              12/8 - Cannery Ballroom - Nashville, TN
              12/9 - Metro - Chicago, IL
              12/10 - Irving Plaza - New York, NY
              12/14 - The Fonda Theatre - Los Angeles, CA
              12/15 - The Independent - San Francisco, CA
              12/16-17 - Day For Night Festival - Houston, TX
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