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Umm, Ian..?

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  • Umm, Ian..?

    Just announced today:

    Manowar returns to the USA! On March 12, 2011, Manowar will crush all disbelievers at the Agora, in Cleveland Ohio. This is Manowar's one and only scheduled appearance in North America! After 6 years, the wait for true metal in America is over! Tickets go on sale January 7, 2011, details to follow soon!

    Looks like we're headed to Cleveland in March, brother-in-metal.
    It's not going to suck itself...

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    While I do not care much for the symphonic direction they have taken their music as of late, I've got to give Manowar credit for loading their live setlists with lots of killer album cuts from the glory years (roughly everything up until SIGN OF THE HAMMER is damn near perfect). A shame they're not hitting NYC.


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      I'm completely cool with this having 2 threads. Noland, are you serious about making the trip?
      Rock! Shock! Pop!