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  • Invisible turntable

    I'm ordering mine today !!!!!! :)

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    Hahaha! $2000-4000+ for a turntable?? Nah.


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      New generation traditional turntables even cost 10,000 bux :)


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        It depends on what you want from a turntable :)


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          I thought for a moment it would be one of those ones without a stylus that can only play black vinyl, but I see it has one. Looks very nice but I'm not really a vinyl person, I have cloth ears so vinyl is wasted on me. I do kind of like those AT Sound Burgers just for kitsch reasons.
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            So this initially looks kinda cool, but a couple of issues:
            1) so, the side of a record which is played would be the side facing downwards? That's gonna take some getting used to.
            2) and, uh, the output is a 3.5 headphone jack, not phono? Boy, the hi-fi nerds are gonna LOVE that!

            And also, on a more abstract level, I can't help thinking that the fact that old-fashioned turntables are big, and simple, with obvious, analogue moving parts is a considerable part of the appeal of vinyl for many of us (as well as allowing for the invention & development of cool, 'creative misuse' type practices such as scratching, cross-mixing etc). If I were to upgrade my deck to something that's basically a giant version of a portable CD player, I'd probably find myself questioning why I even bother investing in all these stupid, over-priced, absurdly heavy discs in the first place.... and that's not really a conversation I really want to have with myself just now.