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RIP Gord Lewis

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  • RIP Gord Lewis

    The Teenage Head guitarist was apparently MURDERED by his own son. He was 65.
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    Jesus, I wonder what the circumstances of that were?
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      Ian and I were talking about this yesterday, and it's heartbreaking. Lewis has had a crazy enough life without having it end like this. I'd seen him play probably a dozen or so times over the last 10-12 years (always at This Ain't Hollywood, Lou Molinaro's now-defunct excellent club in Hamilton) and we had mutual friends; he was always a nice enough guy, if not a little withdrawn him. Seeing that his "body was found in a Caroline Street apartment in Hamilton", it reminded me of a good friend's father whose life also fell to pieces and he died living in a tiny shit apartment on Caroline Street.

      RIP, Gordie. Hope you've got some peace, now.


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        I was literally a Teenage Head fan at the age of 9 as the local rock station would play their stuff all the time growing up. Got to see Gord plays a few times over the years and met him once. Seemed like a pretty nice guy to me, and he was killer on the guitar. What a fucked up way to go. RIP.
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          I read a great article in the Spectator that went though the son's mental issues, but also emphasized that the father/son relationship was very close and very helpful to both of them as they were both suffering from mental problems. It's a sad story for sure.