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RIP Massimo Morante

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  • RIP Massimo Morante

    Goblin's Massimo Morante has died age 70.

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    Really sad news.

    A great/innovative/still underrated player (to state the bleedin' obvious).


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      major bummer. Goblin has had a huge impact on me. Massimo Morante will always be one of my heroes. never got to see a live show with one of the lineups but i do have an autograph of his.

      "Oblio" is one of my favorites!

      always thought Il Fantastico Viaggio Del "Bagarozzo" Mark was a bit on the underappreciated side of the fence for not being a soundtrack. definitely a good one tho!

      thanks, Massimo!


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        Glad I got to see them live when I did, they were amazing. RIP!
        Rock! Shock! Pop!


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          remember a time when my brother and i were going somewhere in a car and a post office truck was in front of us and this one was playing. felt like we were chasing the USPS vehicle!


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            Never saw them live, but I heard they were fucking loud! At least one incarnation was as I've lost track of who's playing with who now...

            I'm thinking of starting Agent999's Goblin.
            I'm bitter, I'm twisted, James Joyce is fucking my sister.


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              Originally posted by agent999 View Post
              Never saw them live, but I heard they were fucking loud!
              The only show I've ever worn earplugs at was Goblin.

              Rock! Shock! Pop!


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                Very sad to hear this. I have some of their CDs, the ones from DRG Records. "Goblin" and "Dr. Frankenstein" are underrated tracks! R.I.P.