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Columbia Releasing a Giant Johnny Cash Boxed Set In October!

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  • Columbia Releasing a Giant Johnny Cash Boxed Set In October!

    Press release from the official site:

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    The Ultimate Johnny Cash Box Set Available October 30th


    35 Albums Released on CD for the First Time by Columbia/Legacy in the U.S.; First 19 Albums (1958-1967) Released for First Time in Mono on CD by Columbia/Legacy in the U.S.

    Rarities abound!: Live albums in London, Prague, Sweden, and New York; 1970 movie soundtrack albums; The Holy Land and The Gospel Road Bible Chronicles; Christmas and Children's albums; and much more!

    Two brand-new compilations especially for this box set:

    •Johnny Cash With His Hot & Blue Guitar (at Sun Records, 1954-58, 28 songs);
    •The Singles, Plus (2 CDs, 55 songs, singles not originally included on albums, 'plus' guest performances on albums by Bob Dylan, The Carter
    Family, The Earl Scruggs Revue, Marty Robbins, Willie Nelson, Shel Silverstein, and others)

    Signed to Columbia Records at age 26 in 1958, the arc of Johnny Cash's career played out at the label over the next three decades, a near lifetime of work in music, film and television now presented on JOHNNY CASH - THE COMPLETE COLUMBIA ALBUM COLLECTION. Containing 61 distinct album packages (single and double CDs, totaling 63 discs overall) housed in a box with a lift-off cover, the deluxe set will be available everywhere October 30th through Columbia/ Legacy, a division of SONY MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT.

    Released in the year in which Cash would have turned 80 (born February 26, 1932), JOHNNY CASH - THE COMPLETE COLUMBIA ALBUM COLLECTION is a monumental tribute to the original Man In Black. Working with Columbia producers Don Law (1958-67), Frank Jones (1960-67), Bob Johnston (1968-70), Larry Butler (1972-78), Charlie Bragg (1972-77), Brian Ahern, Billy Sherrill, Chips Moman, and others, Cash was always in command of his direction, whether it was country & western, gospel, blues, rockabilly, traditional balladry and folk, or any other style he chose to pursue. The new box set was compiled by multi-Grammy Award®-nominated producer Gregg Geller and multi-Grammy® and W.C. Handy Award-winning producer Steve Berkowitz, who have supervised Legacy's historic Johnny Cash reissue program for over a decade.

    Willie Nelson, who took part in April's “We Walk the Line: A Celebration of the Music of Johnny Cash” concert in Austin (available on DVD and Blu-ray from Legacy), had this to say about Cash at the event: “I always looked at John as somebody who had been there before me and who was doing it the way he wanted to do it. I always admired and respected him for doing that − he was one of the first rebels, one of the first outlaws (if you want to call him that) that hit Nashville and I was a great fan of his not only for his music but for his attitude.”

    The box set begins with The Fabulous Johnny Cash, his Columbia debut LP recorded and released in 1958, with his first #1 country single at Columbia, “Don't Take Your Guns To Town.” It wraps up in 1990 (though Cash actually left Columbia in 1983) with Highwayman 2, the second Columbia album by the quartet of Johnny, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, and Kris Kristofferson, featuring the Top 25 country hit, “Silver Stallion.”

    In between, a total of 35 album titles are being released for the first time on CD by Columbia/Legacy in the U.S. And the first 19 chronological titles (dating from 1958 to 1967) are being released for the first time in monaural (mono) sound on CD by Columbia/Legacy in the U.S. Each title is packaged as a mini-LP CD with its original artwork, including the five original gatefold albums in Cash's Columbia discography.

    THE COMPLETE COLUMBIA ALBUM COLLECTION takes its place alongside similarly important Columbia career retrospectives by Miles Davis, Tony Bennett, Dave Brubeck, and Billie Holiday. The contents are housed in a box that resembles the lift-off lid design of The Complete Miles Davis Columbia Album Collection box set issued by Columbia/Legacy in 2009.

    THE COMPLETE COLUMBIA ALBUM COLLECTION is accompanied by a full-color booklet that includes complete discographic information for every album: songwriters, recording dates and cities, musicians, guest performers, producers, release dates, original catalog numbers, Billboard pop and country chart numbers for albums and single tracks, and more.

    The booklet also features liner notes by veteran annotator Rich Kienzle, who references many of the Columbia albums along the way. “When one thinks of Johnny Cash's recordings, one thing is certain,” Kienzle writes. “The Columbia years loom larger than any other phase. A star when he arrived in 1958, when he departed he was an American icon.”

    Complementing the Columbia albums, the producers have assembled two new compilations for this box set:

    •Johnny Cash With His Hot & Blue Guitar, a 28-song collection of single and non-single tracks released during his Sun Records years (1954-58), including “Hey Porter,” “Folsom Prison Blues,” “I Walk The Line,” “Cry! Cry! Cry!,” “Ballad Of A Teenage Queen,” “Big River,” and more; actually an expanded edition of his 1957 Sun LP, bearing that album's iconic cover design; and
    •The Singles, Plus, a 2-CD, 55-song collection (spanning 1958-85) of single sides that did not originally appear on Johnny's Columbia albums, 'plus' guest performances on other artists' albums, among them Bob Dylan, The Carter Family, Mother Maybelle Carter, June Carter Cash, The Earl Scruggs Revue, Marty Robbins, Willie Nelson, and Shel Silverstein.

    There are several rarities and Johnny Cash catalog anomalies to be found throughout THE COMPLETE COLUMBIA ALBUM COLLECTION. Chief among these are three live albums (out of the eight live albums in the box set):

    •Johnny Cash pa Osteraker, recorded at Osteraker Prison in Sweden in 1972, released in Europe in 1973, and later added to the U.S. catalog;
    •Strawberry Cake, recorded at the Palladium in London in 1975, and released in 1976, named for the Cash-composed single track that appeared on this album; and
    •Koncert V Praze, recorded at the Sport Hall in Prague in 1978, released on the Czech Supraphon label in 1983, now officially joining the U.S. catalog.

    Among the other rarities in THE COMPLETE COLUMBIA ALBUM COLLECTION are two original motion picture soundtrack albums, both produced in Nashville in 1970 by Bob Johnston, who also served as Columbia staff producer (at the time) of Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Flatt & Scruggs, The Byrds, and others:

    •I Walk the Line, directed by John Frankenheimer, starring Gregory Peck as a smalltown Tennessee sheriff, the soundtrack comprised entirely of Johnny Cash songs, featuring his final self-penned #1 country single, “Flesh and Blood”; and
    •Little Fauss And Big Halsy, the motorcycle racing movie starring Robert Redford, Lauren Hutton and Michael J. Pollard, with a soundtrack mixing vocal and instrumental tunes by Cash and Carl Perkins.

    “Johnny Cash and Columbia Records were joined at the hip for 28 years,” Kienzle writes, “or nearly 60 percent of his 48-year recording career that began in early 1955 when he did his first formal session for Sun Records in Memphis, continuing until just before he died in 2003. Cash staked his claim and established himself at Sun; at Columbia, he defined himself for all time.”

    THE COMPLETE COLUMBIA ALBUM COLLECTION follows up other important Cash-themed titles released by Columbia/Legacy on August 7. A new series entitled “The Greatest” was launched with three new 14-song compilations, The Greatest: Country Classics, The Greatest: Gospel Songs, and The Greatest: Duets, plus The Greatest: The Number Ones. The deluxe version of The Greatest: The Number Ones features a CD with every Sun Records and Columbia side to hit #1 Country in Billboard and/or Cashbox from 1956 (“I Walk the Line”) to 1984 (“Highwayman”), accompanied by a DVD with live performances of ten of the songs. (This configuration is also available as a standalone CD, without DVD.)
    August 7 also marked Legacy's release of We Walk The Line: A Celebration of the Music of Johnny Cash, a DVD+CD set and separate Blu-ray disc. The packages chronicle the all-star tribute concert of April 20, 2012, held at the Moody Theater in Austin, Texas. Artists who performed that night and appear in the feature include Brandi Carlile, Sheryl Crow, Iron & Wine, Shooter Jennings, Kris Kristofferson, Shelby Lynne, Pat Monahan of Train, Willie Nelson, Lucinda Williams, and others.

    THE COMPLETE COLUMBIA ALBUM COLLECTION also follows up the critical and commercial success of The Johnny Cash Bootleg Series, which has presented four historic releases to date. Released in April, the most recent title in the series is The Soul Of Truth: Bootleg Vol. IV, which includes 51 gospel-themed recordings.

    (Columbia/Legacy 88697 91047 2)
    # Title Rec. Rel. Catalog
    1 * The Fabulous Johnny Cash 1958 1958 CL 1253
    2 * Hymns By Johnny Cash 1958-59 1959 CL 1284
    3 * Songs Of Our Soil 1959 1959 CL 1339
    4 * Now There Was A Song! 1960 1960 CL 1463
    5 * Ride This Train 1959-60 1960 CL 1464
    6 * Hymns From The Heart 1961 1962 CL 1722
    7 * The Sound Of Johnny Cash 1961-62 1962 CL 1802
    8 * Blood, Sweat And Tears 1962 1962 CL 1930
    9 * Ring Of Fire: The Best Of Johnny Cash 1958-63 1963 CL 2053
    10 * The Christmas Spirit 1959-63 1963 CL 2117
    11 * Keep On The Sunny Side - The Carter Family with special guest Johnny Cash 1963 1963 CL 2152
    12 * I Walk The Line 1963-64 1964 CL 2190
    13 * Bitter Tears: Johnny Cash Sings Ballads Of The American Indian 1964 1964 CL 2248
    14 * Orange Blossom Special 1964 1965 CL 2309
    15 *# Johnny Cash Sings Ballads Of The True West 1959-65 1965 C2L 38
    16 * Everybody Loves A Nut 1965-66 1966 CL 2492
    17 * Happiness Is You 1962-65 1966 CL 2537
    18 * Carryin' On With Johnny Cash & June Carter 1964-67 1967 CL 2728
    19 * From Sea To Shining Sea 1967 1967 CL 2647
    20 Johnny Cash At Folsom Prison (Live) 1968 1968 CS 9639
    21 The Holy Land 1968 1968 KCS 9726
    22 Johnny Cash At San Quentin (Live) 1969 1969 CS 9827
    23 # Hello, I'm Johnny Cash 1969 1970 KCS 9943
    24 The Johnny Cash Show (Live) 1970 1970 KC 30100
    25 I Walk The Line o.s. 1970 1970 S 30397
    26 Little Fauss And Big Halsy o.s. 1970 1970 S 30385
    27 Man In Black 1971 1971 C 30550
    28 A Thing Called Love 1971-72 1972 KC 31332
    29 # Johnny Cash: America - A 200-Year Salute In Story And Song 1970-72 1972 KC 31645
    30 # Christmas - The Johnny Cash Family 1972 1972 KC 31754
    31 Any Old Wind That Blows 1972 1973 KC 32091
    32 # The Gospel Road (2-CD) 1972 1973 KG 32253
    33 Johnny Cash And His Woman 1973 1973 C 32443
    34 Johnny Cash pa Osteraker (Live at Osteraker Prison, Sweden) 1972 1973 CBS 65308
    35 Ragged Old Flag 1974 1974 KC 32917
    36 The Junkie And The Juicehead Minus Me 1973-74 1974 KC 33086
    37 The Johnny Cash Children's Album 1971-73 1975 C 32898
    38 Johnny Cash Sings Precious Memories 1974 1975 C 33087
    39 John R. Cash 1974 1975 KC 33370
    40 Look At Them Beans 1975 1975 KC 33814
    41 Strawberry Cake (Live at the Palladium, London, England) 1975 1976 KC 34088
    42 One Piece At A Time 1975-76 1976 KC 34193
    43 The Last Gunfighter Ballad 1975-76 1977 KC 34314
    44 The Rambler 1977 1977 KC 34833
    45 I Would Like To See You Again 1976-77 1978 KC 35313
    46 Gone Girl 1977-78 1978 PC 35646
    47 Silver 1979 1979 JC 36086
    48 Rockabilly Blues 1979-80 1980 JC 36779
    49 Classic Christmas 1980 1980 JC 36866
    50 The Baron 1980-81 1981 FC 37179
    51 The Survivors: Johnny Cash - Jerry Lee Lewis - Carl Perkins (Live) 1981 1982 FC 37961
    52 The Adventures Of Johnny Cash 1981-82 1982 FC 38094
    53 Johnny 99 1983 1983 FC 38696
    54 Koncert V Praze (In Prague Live) 1978 1983 Supraphon 1113-3278
    55 Rainbow 1984-85 1985 FC 39951
    56 Highwayman: Waylon Jennings - Willie Nelson - Johnny Cash - Kris Kristofferson 1984-85 1985 FC 40056
    57 Heroes 1984-85 1986 FC 40347
    58 Highwayman 2: Waylon Jennings - Willie Nelson - Johnny Cash - Kris Kristofferson 1989 1990 CK 45240
    59 At Madison Square Garden (Live) 1969 2002 CK 86808

    60 Johnny Cash With His Hot & Blue Guitar 1955-58 2012
    61 # The Singles, Plus (2-CD) 1958-84 2012
    * indicates original monaural (mono) recording
    # indicates gatefold cover package
    Rock! Shock! Pop!

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    Amazon has this monster up for pre-order at $269.17 which works out to $4.41 per disc, which isn't unreasonable even if it is a lot to shell out all at once.

    I want this.
    Rock! Shock! Pop!


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      I wonder how many hours worth of music this is? And it doesn't even include everything he put out. Just the Columbia stuff.


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        Originally posted by Ian Jane View Post
        Amazon has this monster up for pre-order at $269.17 which works out to $4.41 per disc, which isn't unreasonable even if it is a lot to shell out all at once.

        I want this.
        That is a HUGE set. Have fun with this one, Ian!

        I wish there was a set for Waylon Jennings like this! I know there's the NASHVILLE REBEL one, but this one is like a Cash fan's dream come true!


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          The Nashville Rebel set is good, but yeah, it doesn't really open the floodgates the way it looks like this one will.
          Rock! Shock! Pop!