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Turbonegro - Sexual Harassment coming 6/13/2012

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    Originally posted by Andrew Monroe View Post
    According to this article, he was found dead in a public park in Oslo. His manager is denying he committed suicide. Controversial beliefs aside, he was a fucking great front man for Turbo. Never really cared for his replacement. RIP.
    I saw them with Hank 3 times and with Tony twice, Hank was definitely the better of the two but I still think they're pretty killer live even without him.

    Apparently CKY are releasing a song with Hank on vocals tomorrow, proceeds to go to charity.
    Rock! Shock! Pop!


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      His newer album got a couple of listens because I wasn't aware it was's about as good as his last one.

      I would say that Tony is still a good frontman (Hank was better, obv) but their live performance with Tony was a fuckton of covers, which I didn't care for.