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Is there a decent and free music maker out there?

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  • Is there a decent and free music maker out there?

    I've some some mad beats I need to lay down, but can't play an instrument other than drums. I'd love to find something that lets me create some basic music tracks. Anyone? Any-fuggen-one?

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    I used to use Fruity Loops (yargh...ten+ years ago) and make stuff to ruin through that. Looks like they still offer free demos. Don't know what's included with it, but the demo worked well enough for me. They had Fruity Tracks, too, which allowed you to layer. I ended up buying that. They may be one program now, though. I'd suggest doing some Google action and getting reviews. Check CNET for nice programs to download.
    Also, look for plug-ins, too, so you can add cool effects to your stuff.

    Oh, you could always do things illegally, too, but I'm not suggesting that. Nope. Not me.


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      Todd, you have such a beautiful singing voice I'd think you'd wanna just go acapella.
      Rock! Shock! Pop!


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        I appreciate that. My voice is like a cat being picked up by the nuts with a pair of pliers.