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Meiko Kaji: A question for all you music heads!

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  • Meiko Kaji: A question for all you music heads!

    Okay, so that I can wrap up work on a pair of reviews for my review blog, I'm wondering something...and it probably comes about from listening to too much Lady Gaga and other amorphous radio-pop (see the Beat Takeshi thread) that my once awesome knowledge of music is now totally buggered...concerning Meiko Kaji's theme song from Female Convict 701: Scorpion.

    "Urami Bushi"...

    ...what style is this exactly? Torch song? Jazz? Blues? Or just a simple ballad.

    Thanks in advance and expect a HUGE surprise on the site before the weekend is up!
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    Honestly, I'd say it's just a simple balled.

    I still get chills when I hear that song. She's got such a great voice (odd that she doesn't use it that much in her films, really).
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      If you want to get really specific, it's a minor key ballad in 6/8 time, minor key progressions such as this clearly go back to the classical era but also found prominence in the Gypsy Jazz scene typified by Django Reinhardt, though when you add 6/8 to the mix (3/4 is waltz time, 6/8 has twice the beats per measure) it takes on a 50's doo-wop feel almost (also think of THEME FROM A SUMMER PLACE).


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        That's just not true.


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          Thanks guys! I figured it would fall under the bracket of either torch song (being that the structure is similar to Asian cabaret of the 60s) or ballad. That makes things super simple now. Great song, btw. :)