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Is Marvelman/Miracleman Coming Back?

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    Some news/speculation on Marvel's plans for the character.
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      Isnt there at least one issue that was 80% done but not published cause Eclipse went under?

      I do know that when Eclipse was going under they owed Mitch Byrd for some work. Couldn't pay him in cash so paid him in file copies of some comics. Was told Mitch got 3 full runs of Miracleman ,plus IIRC a full run of Airboy.

      Then in 2009 I bought from a comic shop one of Mitch's copies of the final published issue. Got a good deal on it.

      But man the wait....I started reading it around the time Eclipse issue 3 was hitting the stands and I kept up until it was ended by Eclipse dying.


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        Marvel To Publish Miracleman: The Golden Age, Still With No New Stuff
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          Miracleman #0 coming 10/5/22.

          Media Release — Forty years ago, Miracleman’s modern era began and changed the world of comics as we know it. Now, on the cusp of a new era of Miracleman, Marvel Comics is proud to celebrate all things Kimota in MIRACLEMAN #0! In this giant-sized one-shot, comic book visionaries Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham make their long-awaited return to Miracleman’s saga with a special story that leads into MIRACLEMAN: THE SILVER AGE #1! Also on sale in October, MIRACLEMAN: THE SILVER AGE #1 will see Gaiman and Buckingham’s return to their unfinished Miracleman epic, recreating and completing the most anticipated story in comic book history!

          Joining Gaiman and Buckingham in MIRACLEMAN #0 will be an incredible lineup of industry superstars, each putting their own unique spin on the captivating Miracleman mythology with thrilling new stories! Here’s what fans can look forward to:

          · Young Miracleman faces off against classic Miracleman villain Big Ben in an action-packed story written and drawn by Marvel superstar Ryan Stegman.

          · Mike Carey and Paul Davidson introduce a new Warpsmith and explore how dangerous Miracleman’s god-like abilities can be in a riveting outer space adventure!

          · Peach Momoko reveals the deadly price of Kimota’s power in a spellbinding—and terrifying—journey into the unknown!

          · Miracleman meets his maker in an explosive and thought-provoking story by Jason Aaron and Leinil Francis Yu.

          · Eisner Award-winning artist Ty Templeton examines Miracleman’s profound impact on the world around him in a series of comic strips!

          And that’s not all! MIRACLEMAN #0 will also have an exclusive sneak peek at the new artwork Buckingham has completed for MIRACLEMAN: THE SILVER AGE #1! Check out the covers now and interior artwork and revisit the brilliant world of Miracleman in MIRACLEMAN #0 on October 5! For more information, visit

          Retailers, don’t forget to order your copies of MIRACLEMAN #0 by Monday, September 5!
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