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Humanoids Releasing Caza's Arkadi And The Lost Titan

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  • Humanoids Releasing Caza's Arkadi And The Lost Titan

    Press release!

    For Immediate Release:

    Humanoids Celebrates Their 50th Anniversary with the First-Ever English Language Publication of ARKADI AND THE LOST TITAN, by the Legendary French Artist Caza

    A Deluxe Edition of the Stunning Sci-Fi Masterwork Will be Funded Through Publisher Humanoids’ First Ever Kickstarter Campaign

    (June 12, 2024) Humanoids, the renowned Franco-American publisher that began in 1970s' Paris and houses the works of creators such as Mœbius, Alejandro Jodorowsky, and Juan Giménez, will kick off the company’s 50th anniversary celebration with the first-ever English publication of ARKADI AND THE LOST TITAN by the legendary comic book artist and illustrator Caza. Crafted by Philippe Cazaumayou AKA Caza over the course of 20 years, ARKADI AND THE LOST TITAN is a stunning masterwork that sits beside classic sci-fi comics sagas THE INCAL and THE METABARONS as a colossal achievement in the form and genre. The brilliant and beautiful genre-defying tour de force will be published by Humanoids through their first Kickstarter, timed to both the internationally renowned publisher’s 50th anniversary and the 35th anniversary of the release of Arkadi: Book 1 in France.

    “ARKADI AND THE LOST TITAN is Caza’s longest and most complete work and it’s a thrill to introduce this seminal work to a wider audience in the States,” said Humanoids Publisher Fabrice Giger. “This wide-ranging saga has been stuck in purgatory for decades for technical reasons, but through a process of thoughtful and painstaking restoration, the original negative films have been salvaged and are currently undergoing a scanning and digitization process, allowing the release of this magnum opus in its entirety, and the way it was meant to be experienced.”

    Caza is best known for crafting otherworldly illustrations and short stories for the renowned French anthology magazine Métal Hurlant and Heavy Metal, where he was published alongside giants like Mœbius, Druillet, and Richard Corben. Caza sought to develop a rich and expansive universe of his own and the end result is a mind-blowing sci-fi epic. Spanning over 500 pages, with colors by Scarlett Smulkowski and Caza, ARKADI AND THE LOST TITAN unfolds through visually stunning tableaux that blend imaginative landscapes with intricate detail, and classic sci-fi adventure with spiritual and metaphysical exploration.

    In ARKADI AND THE LOST TITAN, it is Earth year 10,000 of the Mass era and the Earth has stopped rotating. Half of the world is plunged into frigid night, the other is scorched by eternal daylight, and humanity ekes out survival along the border. Arkadi, the son of a warrior and a sorceress, sets out on his Trial of Purification—a series of grueling challenges aimed at weeding out the weak—but soon, a journey to find a missing Titan cyborg necessary for the planet’s survival leads to the discovery of a wider world more grand, deadly, strange, and alluring than he could have ever imagined.

    The Kickstarter campaign will include both standard and deluxe editions of the 8,6 x 11,4 in

    528-page prestige book, as well as an all-new slipcover, exclusive Caza prints, and a collector’s edition featuring a signed print by Caza. The book will be translated into English for the first time by the award-winning Montana Kane. This publication marks the first time ARKADI AND THE LOST TITAN will be released in its entirety, as an omnibus edition in.

    Here’s what people are saying about ARKADI:

    "Simply some of the most beautiful, most affecting storytelling ever done in this medium."
    —Mark Waid

    "ARKADIi's every page is filled with the kind of imaginative, unique, and stunning illustrations that you will only ever find within the pages of a rare book like this. Opening it for the first time is akin to unearthing a treasure, gleaming so brightly at you that you'll have to squint while your eyes adjust to its majesty. A shelf without this book is lesser for it."
    —Ibrahim Moustafa

    “Epic, but primal, ARKADI is the sort of imagination-bending science fiction comic you rarely see, which makes it even more sorely needed.”
    —Mark Russell

    To support the ARKADI AND THE LOST TITAN campaign, visit Kickstarter: For more updates, follow Humanoids on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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