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R.I.P. Frank Kozic

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  • R.I.P. Frank Kozic

    He has passed away at 71.
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    Very sorry to hear this.

    I was thinking about the Man's Ruin label just the other way weirdly enough, whilst browsing the back catalogue of the band Acid King on bandcamp.

    Kozic's artwork always stood out a mile away -- with a few decades hindsight, his posters and record covers now seem totally synonymous with '90s underground rock/metal, in the best possible way.

    I recall seeing Man's Ruin releases pinned up above the counters in shops, going for HUGE pricetags, years before the 'vinyl revival' when most other stuff was selling for peanuts, and I think his artwork was a big part of that appeal.



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      RIP. I'll echo the comment that Kozik's work and important 90's bands go hand in hand. Great artist and we had prints of his stuff hanging in the old apartment back in the day.


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        RIP. His covers were iconic. I have a bunch of Man's Ruin vinyl that goes for a king's ransom these days. He released an awesome Hellacopters 10 inch.
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          RIP. Big influence on me.
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