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  • SEVEN DEADLY WONDERS by Matthew Reilly

    So I was in the mood for pulpy Indy action adventure with a twist of Don Pendleton style "men's action". So I googled it and stumbled across this very successful author.
    I started in on the first in a series (something I usually avoid...they can get redundant and soapy)...and got more than I'd hoped for. This one...HOLY SHIT!

    SEVEN DEADLY WONDERS opens with a protracted adrenaline OD of a sequence, where we meet our cast of characters and are introduced to the premise, while simultaneously being treated to one of the single greatest tomb raider sequences in any form of media.

    It's too much to relate typing on my phone, but in short, our heroes are trying to get one of seven pieces that make a capstone, or a Benben as it's called, that sits stop the Great Pyramid of Geza. It's a "save the world" quest.

    The author (who just wrote directed his first film THE INTERCEPTOR which is on Netflix) also does the readers the service of adding diagrams for the trap ridden structures our heroes must traverse through, kind of like when a good DM makes little thumbnails for the players so they grasp the geography of the action, so it's really graspable in the minds eye, amplifying the cinematic quality of the prose. Masterfully done, yet still wonderfully "cheesy" in that the narrative is aware what it's there to do...put us on the edge of our seat, and furiously flipping pages.

    Highly fucking recommended for fans of RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, the Tomb Raider games, and humorous yet gripping action, amplified by balls out ass kicking.
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    I've never read one of the authors books but I've been following his progress for years. He's a local boy who self published his rejected first novel and hawked it around local bookshops where it was found and picked up by a local publisher. From there he very quickly became best seller material. One of those very unlikely, but nevertheless inspiring, success stories.

    The only thing of his I've actually experienced is Interceptor. A book is a very different format than a film but that one I don't recommend.
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      Yeah. His books are much stronger. I wanna know who his film agent is though, getting him in the directors chair with zero experience.

      The book you mention is CONTEST which I plan on reading soon.