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  • Hanna Barbara Spotlight #1

    Got this in a lot earlier this month. Never read any of these late 70s Marvel published HB comics. But wanted the Scooby Dooo books in the lot. Read Spotlight #1 last night and it ain't bad. Had Yogi Bear teaming up with Huckleberry Hound.

    Giving it to a friend tomorrow. I know she collects these cartoon based comics. Sent her a picture of it and she said she has never seen a copy in person. So tossed it into a bag and added a board.


    • Pretty sure i used to have 3 of those HB Spotlight issues, but not anymore. These two managed to stick around...

      Click image for larger version

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      • Originally posted by Ian Jane View Post
        Last night I read the Batman/Spirit team up by Jeff Loeb and Darwyn Cooke. Great stuff, Cooke's art is perfect for those two, detailed and stylish with some nice nods to Eisner along the way. Loeb's script is clever, funny, suspenseful. This was a lot of fun.

        I also read the first issue of the new ongoing Robin series and, nope, not for me. I usually like Joshua Williamson's writing but this didn't work for me at all. At least I only paid $.50 for it.
        That BATMAN/SPIRIT team up is really really good. We lost Cooke way too soon. I rec his TWILIGHT CHILDREN highly as well, if you haven't read it yet.


        • I haven't read Twilight Children, thanks for the heads up, I'll keep an eye open for it.
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          • Flowers on the Razorwire #1-Ok yea being from Boneyard Press I should have known what to expect. Dark disturbing b/w anthology comic. This isn't one of hte issues with Mike Diana art.

            Makes me wonder how many other 90s b/w anthology comics out there needing to be discovered again? I see issue 5 has John Cassiday art.


            • Here's a few daytime news interviews with Jim Woodring, Simon Hanselman and Robert Williams. I'm not sure who the news lady is but she sure is cool and open minded. There's Pete Bagge and Megan Kelso interviews too but by someone else.

              "When I die, I hope to go to Accra"


              • Those are read, thanks for posting.
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                  • Oooops. Sorry for the size. Great book, though.


                    • Click image for larger version

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                      1200 pages of bronze age stuff including Super Team Family 11-14. Really wish they would have dropped those for the next 4 issues of JLA 183-186.
                      "The popcorn you're eating has been pissed in. Film at 11".


                      • Realized months back that while I got almost all of Moore's Swamp Thing run in issue form I haven't read it in order fully since it was published. And I was a kid back then.

                        Grabbed the first 5 tpbs.

                        Read vol 1 in one night and wow. Just finished vol 2. And the reveal that Matt is now Abby's uncle FUCK!!! Made my skin crawl,the hairs on the back of neck stand up and I got cold chills.


                        • Yeah, I don't need to tell anyone that the run is pretty masterful, with some seriously great horror moments.
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                          • It has become my Ok I will read an issue or two before bed......2 hours later I finished another tpb.


                            • And got in vol 6 of Swamp Thing in today and just finished it.

                              Forgotten how Sci Fi the story becomes once Bissette is gone and Veitch is the main penciler.

                              Still I can think of nothing else from DC proper from the 80s that comes close to this run.

                              She is borrowing and reading for the first time this run. Got told "oh I know what happens Newt I watched the Swamp Thing TV show on USA years ago"

                              Then halfway thru the first TPB I got a message from here that showed this run is nothing like that old tv show.

                              Debating on reading more Moore,got Cinema Purgatorio,Smax and a Small Killing TPBs/hardcovers that I have never read. OR if it is time to dig into Veitch's BONG COMIX collection.


                              • Since last post.Read

                                Cinema Purgatorio TPB-Just has the Moore/O'Neil storyline. Feels like MOore retelling piles of Hollywood Babylon like stories and more creator rights talk. Still a fun read but took me 3 nights to finish it.

                                Boy Maximortal vol 1-VEITCH KING HELL IS BACK and been back for years now and I finally read this TPB i've had since it first came out. Good follow up. Got me really wanting to order the next two volumes. Just a tiny warning the main story is only 52 pages. The rest of the book is sketches and then a short story that appears to not be connected to the King Hell stuff. But for 10 bucks it is worth it.

                                Chainsaw Man vol 1-if i find manga TPBs cheap I will buy them. read them then sell them. This is decent. Dude has a "devil" living inside him. If he pulls the started on his chest his arms become chainsaws. Wiild and crazy stuff. Might get more vols if i find them cheap.

                                Smax-Hardcover find from Dirt Cheap years back. Half way thru this and decent. Wonderiing where Moore is taking this. Or is all the story there on the surface. Only other ABC stuff I have read is a tpb collecting just random shit from that imprint.

                                Punisher The Platoon-Ennis on Castle is always worth reading. No idea why I didnt jump on the two Nam era Castle tpbs before maybe 2 years ago. Not as good as Born,which is almost the perfect Punisher story,still worth reading.