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  • Is Teknophage any good? I remember that whole line and they looked terrible even back then. I never bothered with them.
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    • Originally posted by Ian Jane View Post
      Is Teknophage any good? I remember that whole line and they looked terrible even back then. I never bothered with them.
      I will let you know once I read it. The art is decent and it's Rick Veitch on the first vol so I bet it is decent.

      I got a handful of random Tekno Comics out of cheap bins. The John Jakes mini series was decent. And Lady Justice wasn't bad.


      • Out this week! Question Omnibus Volume 1.

        Click image for larger version

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        I don't go to church. Kneeling bags my nylons.


        • I was tempted by that when I saw the solicitation but I've got over half the run in single issues so I passed. Great option for anyone who wants it all in one volume though, it's such an underrated series.
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          • I got the DC Question run in issue form. Was cheaper getting them a buck at a time out of backstock bins than buying the tpbs when those were In print.

            The image is a neat TPB I found in a box today. Years ago since I was using Inter-library loan to get comic tpbs to read the librarian got some comics to put on the shelves. She got in a bunch of books like the one pictured. Where they take PD stories and have various artists work on them. The Edgar Allen Poe collection was good. But this Lovecraft collection is amazing. Hard to beat Richard Corben artwork. And why does the name Matt Howarth ring a bell with me?
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            • Another night when I can't sleep so going through more boxes and tubs. Found a nice stack of comics I am sure I dug out of dollar bins,including that X-men annual with Art Adams art when Longshot joins the team. And well ran into a snag.

              Been manic all this week. It's cool it happens. But a side effect is I want to read but can't force myself to choose what I am reading next.

              Back last year at a huge Books a Million sale I grabbed a huge stack of cheap comic TPB/Hardcovers. Only listing the ones I haven't read before or I might have read an issue or so in the tpb but I read them decades ago.

              Letting you guys,ladies and whatevers choose what I am attempting to read tomorrow and over the weekend.

              Dakota North Design for Dying TPB-Collects Issues 1 thru 5 of the Dakota North series,Web of Spider Man 37 Power Pack 46 Daredevil(98) 107 thru 110 and stuff from Marvel Super-Heroes 3. So I think this is every Dakota North appearance as of publication of the trade.

              The Dark Tower The Long Road Home Hardcover-Collects issues 1 thru 5 of this Robin Furth/Peter David written Jae Lee/Richard Isanove drawn Stephen King series.

              Manifest Destiny Vol 1 Flora & Fauna TPB-Issues 1 thru 6 by Chris DIngess (writer) Matthew Roberts(Artist) and Owen Gieni (colorist)

              Starchild Mythopolis II Book One TPB-I remember hearing about this James A Owen series in all the comic press back in the 90s boom. Never read it. But this has great art.

              Suicide Squad The Nightshade Odyssey TPB-This collects Suicide Squad issues 9 thru 16,Justice League International 13,Doom Patrol/Suicide Squad 1 and Secret Origins 28. I know I have read some of the issues in here before. IIRC that Secret Origins issue tells Nightshade's origin and has very very early art from Rob Liefeld.

              Will check this thread Friday after lunch and see what yall recommend.


              • For what it's worth, I dug the Dark Tower adaptations that Marvel did and remember thinking Dakota North was a solid detective series (but haven't read in since it came out in the 80s!).

                I have not read Manifest Destiny myself but it is pretty well regarded.
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                • Heh, i am glad that 95% of the time, i have a pretty clear cut mood about what i want to watch or read. Cuz the 5% of the time when i don't, making a choice can be daunting. I'll throw a vote at Dakota North. I've picked a few issues out of the $ bin and have always wanted to catch up with the whole series.


                  • Dakota North is it. Added it to my bag for tomorrow. Got a 3 to 4 hour ride to a show. Should get it read during that.


                    • Only got a bit of the TPB read. Not bad. Now my timelines might be off,but is this possiblely was this Marvel's answer to Ms Tree? Wasn't MS Tree a modest hit around this time for what Renegade comics?


                      • So Dakota North wasn't bad. Not worth the 30 buck cover price. But at 8 or so bucks I paid for it it was a decent read. Need to see if this is one of those TPBs that is oOP and going for stupid prices. If so I will sell it. Cause it is oone I doubt I go back and re-read in the next decade.


                        • Dakota also pops up in the Brubaker Daredevil run, which I read part of the other day, which is kind of an odd coincidence.
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                          • So months back a buddy tells me he has close to 100 comics.And asks if I will come over and price them for him. He was planning on selling them at a yard sale before he got married.

                            I get there and all of his stuff is reader copy stuff. Sure some of it was great comics but they were well read.Explained this to him and told him "Yea most of these you can ask a buck for. A few might get you five bucks."

                            Made him two stacks,one was dollar books one was 5 buck books.Get told to take a few for myself for helping out.So grabbed about 5.

                            These comics sat for months in my bathroom. I always keep a handful of comics in the bathroom to read. About 20 minutes ago I was reading Secret Wars #11,original series of course. See an ad where you can sub thru mail to the Star titles. See someone had filled out the sub blank.

                            Look closer and see my first and last name..... Look and the state is MS..... Was thinking what the hell did a comic from my childhood collection make it's way back to me. Then looked closer the city was Hattiesburg so yea not mine.

                            But thought it was a bit neat that there was someone back then with the same name same state that wanted to sub to some Star Comics title. And the only title they wanted was Wally the Wizard.


                            • Originally posted by Mark Tolch View Post
                              I got a rad Bowie GN from my boss for Christmas; BOWIE: Stardust, Rayguns, & Moonage Daydreams. The art is gorgeous.
                              A couple sellers on Amazon have dropped their price to the $15 range. Ordered mine.


                              • Read a stack of comics the other day out on the pier

                                Lobo Portrait of a Victim-Years ago got a pile of Lobo comics. Finally read a few and this wasn't bad Alan Grant writes a fast paced story. And Val is good on the pencils.

                                Manifest Destiny vol 1-WOW Iknew a bit about this going in. But WOW. Once that final trade hits the end of this month i will be ordering them all.

                                Deadpool Samurai vol 1 and 2-Collects the Deadpool storyline from Shonen Jump. Decent stuff.