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  • Not exactly Bargain Bin since importing ends up being expensive, but an order from the Mile High Comics 50% off Black Friday sale arrived today.
    Heavily inspired by Cartoonist Kayfabe and @gawd_damlog instagram posts.

    Breakdowns #1
    Daemon Mask #1
    Daffodil #3
    Dark Adventures #1 & 2
    Dark Justice #1
    Original Bondage Fairies #3 & 11
    Razorguts #1
    Ribit! #1 (Frank Thorne!)
    Super Cops #1 (Gray Morrow)

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    • Those are some pretty great scores, Ryan!
      Rock! Shock! Pop!


      • Super Cops is another great 70s Red Circle series. Archie was trying to expand a bit in the 70s


        • Yeah lots of cool looking books, Ryan!
          "When I die, I hope to go to Accra"


          • Originally posted by Ryan K View Post
            Not exactly Bargain Bin since importing ends up being expensive, but an order from the Mile High Comics 50% off Black Friday sale arrived today.
            Heavily inspired by Cartoonist Kayfabe and @gawd_damlog instagram posts.

            Breakdowns #1
            Daemon Mask #1
            Daffodil #3
            Dark Adventures #1 & 2
            Dark Justice #1
            Original Bondage Fairies #3 & 11
            Razorguts #1
            Ribit! #1 (Frank Thorne!)
            Super Cops #1 (Gray Morrow)


            Great finds Ryan. I love Cartoonist Kayfabe. Thanks to their videos I have added piles of books to my "Find in the cheap bins" list.

            So like over 10 years ago at a local auction I got 20 or so copies of some mid 70s era King Published Popeye giveaway comic. "Popeye Personal Service Careers" These were given away at schools back then. And the seller at the auction had been given a case of 50 copies. He wanted to sell all of them as one lot. I convinced him to "I'll give ya 20 bucks for all you got left and that metal vintage Jedi lunchbox right now." He agreed. Looked up the Popeye comic on Mycomicshop and they were selling copies for 30 bucks and offering 10 bucks for copies. I contacted them took a pile of picks and showed them i had 20 copies,all still sealed in the plastic bags they got shipped in. They agreed to buy them all for IIRC 8 bucks each.

            THat long rambling paragraph to establish that I still as of 6 days ago had like 20 bucks in credit at Mycomicshop.They emailed me about it since I hadn't logged in with that account in years. Went thru my wantlist and ordered a stack of stuff. All of which came in today. I paid on average 2 bucks a item.

            Arcomics Premiere Issue (1993) 1 FN-Color superhero anthology. I just remember seeing the ads for it in Wizard and it has a lenticular cover.
            Cheerleaders from Hell (1989) 1 FN-Calibur published title I had never heard of.
            Draculina Fear Book (1993 Draculina) 2 VG-Thinking this one has good interview with either HG lewis or Ray Dennis Steckler. PLus Lorissa McComas!!
            Ground Pound! Comix (1987) 1 FN-This was the first full on "underground comiX" I bought. Sure I had seen bits of Crumb stuff in reference books. Then in 89 or so in a 10 comics for a buck bin at Sincere Comics I Found this and grabbed it cause of the great cover. Somehow in the 30 plus years I never lost my copy of the comic...until 4 months ago I got a major burn mark on the cover cause my fan blew a ember out of the ashtray. Great collection of John Pound comic work.
            Official Comics Enquirer Swimsuit Price Guide (1993) 1 VG-In the late 90s I found the Fantaco published Comics Enquirer first issue. It was a clipart filled parody of 93 era Comic mags like Wizard. Never knew they did another issue. And Looks like I bought the only copy Lone Star had.
            Red Heat (1988) 1 FN-Blackthorne published comic book version of the Arnold/Jim Belushi movie. THe art is bad. But there is also a 3d version that I'm tempted to buy.
            Tender Flesh (1997 Draculina Publishing) 1 FN-I never knew Draculina did a fumettai comic book of Jess Franco's Tender Flesh film. Flipped thru it and it appears to follow the movie very closely. The pics used are b/w. And they hint at but don't show the scene where Analia Ivars mariantes a steak with urine. But this was cheap and a neat piece of Franco merch that I doubt many people have heard of.

            Thx all of yall. Reading this thread has me either hitting the LCS more often or going and checking out the sales online.


            • Newt, I love and have been using them steadily for the past 15 years or so. I've cleared out a ton of books from my closet of doom by trading to them.
              "The popcorn you're eating has been pissed in. Film at 11".


              • I used MCS often then just fell out of the habit of checking them.


                • Some $1 books from the LCS today...

                  Evangeline Vol. 1 #1
                  Hard Looks #3 (O'Barr art)
                  Eleanor & The Egret (Sam Keith art)
                  Rocketeer Adventures #2 (Dave Stevens cover)
                  Thanos Legacy #1
                  Snake Eyes Dead Game #2 (Liefeld)
                  Batman Vol. 3 $13, 58, 61
                  Judge Dredd Cry Of The Werewolf
                  Star Wars $9, 56 (current)
                  Moon Knight Vol. 1 #4, 10
                  Laugh In The Dark #1 (Last Gasp/underground book with art by Spain, Bill Griffith, S. Clay Wilson and a few others)
                  Rock! Shock! Pop!


                  • Hit up Dirt Cheap then a antique mall today.

                    DIRT CHEAP

                    Graphic Novel Classics Frankenstein-Big hardcover comic adaptation of the Shelley story,From Arcturus Publishing was 2 bucks.

                    Smax-Hardcover was 3 bucks. Never read much of Moore's ABC stuff.

                    ANTIQUE MALL

                    Marvel Classics COmics #6-Gulliver's Travels it was 2 bucks.

                    All the rest was Tpbs are 2.50 each

                    Xmen the Movie-This has the comic adaptation of the film,then oddly a few classic Clairemont stories but these are reprints of the reprints from Classic X-men ?!?!

                    X Men the Movie Prequel Wolverine

                    X men the Movie Prequel Magneto-Has Mark Texiera on the pencils and Jimmy Palmiotti on inks.

                    Wolverine/Punisher Revelations-No clue but Pat Lee did the pencils

                    Nightwing VOl 2-Dc Rebirth Tim Seeley run. Never read much Nightwing.

                    Got up to the front to check out,grabbed a great Joe Camel mug too for 2 bucks.
                    Click image for larger version

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                    And learned all the comics were 10% off.


                    • My LCS' dollar books were half price today, so I grabbed a bunch.

                      Star Wars Obi-Wan & Anakin #5
                      Star Wars Doctor Aphra #25
                      Star Wars Vol. 3 #1
                      Star Wars: Lando #3, 4
                      Silver Surfer Vol. 3 #10, 21
                      TMNT (IDW) #59
                      TMNT Universe #1
                      Batman Vol. 2 #41 variant
                      Batman Vol. 3 #5, 6, 63, 82
                      Batman Curse Of The White Knight #1
                      Dark Knight III #5
                      Judge Dredd (Eagle) #3 (1st US Judge Death!)
                      Venom #23
                      Symbiote Spider-Man Alien Reality #3
                      Weird Love #13
                      Fantastic Four #5 (recent series - Ben Grimm gets hitched!)
                      Morbius The Living Vampire #4
                      American Jesus #1
                      Poizon #0
                      Catwoman #5, 6 (variant covers)
                      Royal City #2
                      Eleanor And The Egret #4
                      Paper Girls #30
                      Angela Queen Of Hel #1
                      Sensational Spider-Man #39
                      Savage Avengers #10, 11
                      Hellblazer (recent series) #4
                      Spawn #301, 302
                      Ghost Rider (recent series) #6 (design retailer incentive cover)
                      Suicide Squad (rebirth run) #1
                      Daredevil (current run) #9, 14

                      A lot of this shit I wouldn't have bothered with but at $0.50 a book...

                      I also hit up an invitation only sale in The Bronx, because I'm a fucking VIP, bitch! I got:

                      Ravencroft #1
                      Razor The Suffering #1
                      Razor #1 3rd Print Signed
                      Moon Knight (original run) #12, 27, 31
                      Marvel Spotlight #14, 18, 23 (Son Of Satan run)
                      Son Of Satan #3
                      House Of Secrets #95
                      Hellraiser Dark Christmas Special #1
                      Secret Invasion #1

                      Also grabbed some new books this week:

                      Future State Dark Detective #1
                      HaHa #1
                      Serial #1
                      Rock! Shock! Pop!


                      • Wow nice finds for cheap sir. I have a sick need to get one copy of every Razor comic. All cause years ago I got a shitpile of near mint copies of issue 1 about 5 months before the 90s Bad Girl boom happened.

                        Made a nice profit that I used that year at few cons digging thru cheap bins.


                        • Yeah, if you timed that right you'd have come out with a nice chunk of change, that was an expensive book for a while there.
                          Rock! Shock! Pop!


                          • It was 30 or 35 when I sold them all off. Paid I think 50 cents a copy when I got them from some guy set up at a mall show.

                            Paid for my hotel room,con entrance fee and gave me a few bucks to drop in the dealers room.

                            I have speculated on comics 3 times. Razor was the only time I made a good quick profit.

                            The other two times,I was working at a shitty comic shop at the time, so when Spawn and Youngblood started I ordered a huge stack of each.

                            The Youngbloods of course I lost my money on. But Spawn I held onto,until the film came out. Sold them for a ok profit. Mostly getting 10 or 15 an issue.

                            Used the profits from that to rebag and re-board my then 75 longbox collection.
                            Newt Cox
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                            • I had a good chunk of Razor comics, most of them signed too. Alas I got rid of them in a mass purge before I moved. Just gave them away.
                              "When I die, I hope to go to Accra"


                              • Damn. While most of them aren't worth much they aren't that easy to find in my area.