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  • This morning we saw the mail carrier coming up to the house with packages. She said this was her second trip today (Sunday) and another truck might be coming later.
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    • Yeah, I'm waiting for the new issue of Back Issue, shipped weeks ago (from NC, one state away) and still in the wind. I also have a gift for someone from Amazon that's supposed to arrive before Christmas, it damn well better.
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      • I had a package ship from Rhode Island on 12/11, no update to the tracking at all until today and that update? It has arrived in Sherveport, LA. Not sure how or why a package would go to LA from RI on it's way to NY, but at least there was a tracking update!
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        • I got the package I was waiting on about an hour ago. Also realized this year I bought a pile of TPB/OGN/Hardcovers...that I have just let sit on my unread pile. Tempted to do a top 10 list of them based on a flipthru of each.


          • You should do it!
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            • There it is sir. 10 trades I bought in 2020 and haven't read. Techincally after I filmed this i started reading the SiP trade.


              • I remember really liking that Unknown Soldier stuff.

                Saga of the Victims looks killer, never heard of that before but nice art.

                I read a lot of SIP first run and enjoyed it but eventually lost interest.

                What'd I get at the LCS today? Why thank you for asking...

                New releases:
                King In Black #2
                Dept. Of Truth #4
                Stillwater #4
                Scumbag #3

                $1 bin books:
                Judge Dredd's Crime Fie #2
                Unholy Grail #1
                Cyberpunk #4
                Lord Of Gore #2
                DCeased #4
                Omac #1-4 (the John Byrne prestige mini-series)
                JSA Liberty File #1-2
                Cinema Purgatorio #1
                Daredevil #24 (current series)

                Half Price Back Issues!
                Solar Man Of The Atom #1
                The Shadow #4 (the 70s DC run)
                Batman Damned #2, 3

                Also a friend gave me the Criminal The Last Of The Innocent TPB and an 80s fanzine called Critics Choice that focuses on Swamp Thing #51-64 which is pretty rad.
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                • Well not from a comic shop but I figured at this cheap of a price I had to count them.

                  A Small Killing Dark Horse printing-$2.43
                  The Art of Reboot Hardcover-$3.28

                  Spent close to 45 minutes digging thru the pile of books at Dirt Cheap since they were heavily discounted.


                  • I hit up my LCS, as well as a sidewalk sale a guy in the Bronx was having, and a flea market in NJ today.

                    Here's what I scored.

                    $1 a piece:

                    Snake Eyes Dead Game #1 (2nd print)
                    Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 5 #12 (Conan variant)
                    Bone (Image) 9, 14, 15-19, 21, 25
                    Dark Horse Comics #3
                    Smax #1
                    Royal City #1
                    Jimmy's Bastards #1
                    Star Wars - Age Of Republic: Qui-Gon Jinn #1
                    Red Hood Outlaw #48
                    Predator Vs. Judge Dredd Vs. Aliens #3
                    Lodger #2, 3
                    The Phantom Stranger #27
                    Moon Knight (Vol 1.) #18-19, 21-22, 26, 28, 32, 33, 35, 36, 37
                    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Vol. 1 #22, 35-37
                    Son Of Satan #5
                    Marvel Spotlight #16, 19, 24
                    Razor And Shi Special #1
                    Universal Soldier #1

                    $5 each:
                    Silver Surfer Black #1
                    Hell Arisen #3 (2nd print)
                    Beware The Creeper #2

                    $3 each:
                    American Splendor Vol. 1 #4
                    Weirdo #2, 6

                    (they lady who sold me these are the flea market kept calling them 'silly Mad Magazines' hah!)

                    Was a good day for bargains, was stoked to get those Moon Knights as I'm trying to put together a run.
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                    • I love that first vol of Moon Knight. I need to get a run going. Got the 2 or 3 Marvel Essentials vols,but those are b/w.

                      Locally at the 5 shops in driving distance the cheap bins are nothng but 90s glut stuff. There is one shop that is about 20 minutes further away that has great cheap bins.

                      So pretty much my cheap comic finds will be at flea markets and thrift stores. Dirt Cheap just happened to get in a huge stack of comic tpbs.


                      • Made one last trip to a comic shop on the 23rd, to get in before another COVID lock down on the 26th.

                        Coincidentally, I also picked up a Power Comics #3 before seeing it posted here.

                        Night Hunters #1
                        Snake Eyes Deadgame #3
                        Vampirella The Dark Powers #1 (Linsner variant cover)

                        CHEAP BIN
                        American Flagg #4
                        Clive Barker Tapping The Vein Book Three & Book Four
                        Clive Barker's Hellraiser Book 2 & Book 3
                        Coffin Bound Ash Can
                        Count Duckula #1
                        Exquisite Corpse Yellow
                        Fem Force #20
                        Mark Hazzard: Merc #2
                        The Last American #1 & 2
                        Murder #1
                        Nightveil's Cauldron Of Horror #1
                        Power Comics #3 Nightwitch
                        Ninja #5
                        Peepshow #6
                        Puppet Master #1
                        Rich Buckler's Secrets Of Drawing Comics #1
                        Sachs & Violens #1 & 2
                        Samuree (Windjammer) #2 of 3
                        Santa Claws
                        Shadowmasters #2
                        Murcielaga She Bat #2
                        Shotgun The Hero Hunter #1
                        Sky Doll Doll's Factory 1 (Variant) & 2
                        Star Reach #15
                        Syphons #1-3 (Bought for the Mark Beachum art)
                        Technophelia #1

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                        • Night Hunters was great! Looking forward to the 2nd issue.
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                          • Night Hunters is Alexis Ziritt? Now I have to pick it up.


                            • Originally posted by David H View Post
                              Night Hunters is Alexis Ziritt? Now I have to pick it up.
                              Yes it is.
                              Rock! Shock! Pop!


                              • Got a text telling me the comic shop in town had just bought and sorted a collection"Saw Dave dumping a bunch of stuff into the cheap bins." Had store credit so for 25 cents each got.

                                Atari Force #18-Needed it to finish off the run
                                Blackhawk Annual #1-From 89 has Martin Pasko and Bill Wray work in it.
                                Gi Joe 83-Marvel Run grabbed this for a buddy working on a full run.
                                Marvel Fanfare #4,45-45 is a pinup issue
                                Marvel Saga #1,4,7,11,12,17,18,19
                                Secret Origins #27-Zatara and Zatanna origins!!
                                Shaman's Tears #2-Grabbed another copy for the huge ass cover/poster
                                Supreme #14-Finishing a run of the pre-Moore Supreme stuff
                                1963 #4-I want more Johnny Beyond!
                                Wonder Man one shot-From 85/86 has a cool Bill S. cover.

                                Then saw they had added a new Golden Age comic to the wall
                                Famous Funnies #149-Was 5 bucks but I'll pay 5 bucks for an ok shape golden age title.

                                Let the shop hit up Dirt Cheap,and found TPB of Brat Pack for $5. Now I own 3 copies of this TPB.