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  • Originally posted by Newt Cox View Post
    Hit a local pawn shop,where the owner is a collector. Walk in see a long box of comics. Fairly priced non key silver and bronze age stuff,mostly Gold Key and DC.

    Then in the back of the box is 4 TPBS. Grabbed 3

    Buffy The Vampire Slayeer Omnibus vol 1 Dark Horse
    Jimmy Olsen Adventures by Jack Kirby Vol 2
    Kingdom Come TPB

    Grabbed those and left
    Dark Knight Strikes Again TPB

    No prices on any of the TPBs. Ask them,get told to make an offer. "5 each so 15 total?" And they accepted
    "The popcorn you're eating has been pissed in. Film at 11".


    • Found issues #2 - 9 of Metal Hurlant (not the original French magazine, ha) in the $1 bin yesterday.
      Rock! Shock! Pop!


      • A few $1 pick ups from this weekend...

        Darkman Vs. Army Of Darkness #1, 2 (this might suck but they were actually $0.50 each so I gambled)
        Wolverine/Hulk #1 (Sam Kieth!)
        Defenders #74 (rad Foolkiller cover)
        Ragemoor #4 (Corben art, last issue I needed)
        Spectacular Spider-Man #27 (1st Miller Daredevil art, Whitman edition so less valuable but I don't care for $1)
        DC Comics Presents #52 (1st Ambush Bug and 1st unofficial US appearance of Judge Dredd)
        Fangraphix #3 (not 100% sure what this is, but it looks amazingly awful)
        G.I. Joe #216 (I don't usually care about G.I. Joe but this is an E.C./Two-Fisted Tales homage variant cover)
        Hero For Hire #9 (lower grade but still, it's Luke Cage fighting Dr. Doom in 1973 so it can't possibly be bad)
        The Shadow #8, #10 (70's DC series, only 2-3 issues away from finishing this run)
        Rock! Shock! Pop!


        • Luke Cage asks Dr Doom "Where's my money, honey?". Still funny fifty years later.
          "The popcorn you're eating has been pissed in. Film at 11".


          • Originally posted by Gary Banks View Post
            Luke Cage asks Dr Doom "Where's my money, honey?". Still funny fifty years later.
            Click image for larger version

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            Rock! Shock! Pop!


            • Did some $1 bin digging this weekend and came away with...

              Banner #1-4 (these were actually $0.50 each - Corben art!)
              Buzz #2 (Charles Burns, Jim Woodring, Basil Wolverton)
              Ghost Rider #6, 7 (more Corben art)
              Coyotes #1
              Art & Beauty Magazine #2 (Crumb)
              Tales From The Crypt Vol. 2 #2
              Dawn/Vampirella #3
              Scrooge McDuck In The Yukon
              The Crusaders #6 (wacky Jack Chick comics!)
              Rock! Shock! Pop!


              • Local junk store had comics ,weren't selling so offered her 25 cents a book

                Spiderman classics 1,2-Reprints AF 15 and SM 1 plus Dr Stranges origin DIKTO!@!!
                Marvel Tales 192-Reprints The Day Gwen Stacy died
                Archie 239,247,248
                Archie Giant Series Magazine 236,277
                Everything's Archie 35
                Jughead 233
                Laugh 295
                Life With Archie 161
                Little Archie 98
                PEP 305,398
                Reggie and Me 81

                Soo nothing amazing but decent reading wwith lunch for a few weeks.


                • Did some $1 bin digging this past weekend...

                  Brat Pack #2, 4
                  The Pro #1
                  Swamp Thing Vol. 3 #4
                  Bone #21, 22, 24, 25, 26, 28, 35
                  Rock! Shock! Pop!