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  • Brothers of the Spear 6
    Crime Classics 3 (40's Shadow)
    Our Army at War 169 (Sgt. Rock/Kubert)
    Spider-Man 7 (Ghost Rider)


    • I grabbed a few books over the weekend.

      $1 bin pick ups:

      Charlton Classics: Hercules #1
      Stacia Stories #1
      Scout #1
      Elementals #1
      Zot #1
      Savage Avengers #2
      Blue Ribbon Comics #1
      Pitt Crew #2
      Red Sonja #8
      Evil Ernie Vs. The Monsters #1
      Shaolin Cowboy #4
      Ghostly Haunts #43
      Marvel Knights Tour Book
      Kabuki Circle Of Blood #1 (2nd print, foil cover)
      Swamp Thing Vol. 1 #20
      House Of Mystery #255
      Pinhead Vs. Marshal Law In Hell #2
      Marshal Law #2, 3
      Marshal Law Kingdom Of The Blind
      Fantastic Four #349
      Americcomics Special #1 - Sentinels Of Justice (AC Comics had the right to the Charlton superheoes for a brief period of time, and this issue has Blue Beetle, Captain Atom, Nightshade and The Question in it)
      Judge Dredd #23, 28, 31, 32

      And some non $1 pick ups, some of which were in trade.

      Despair #1
      Forbidden Knowledge Comics #1
      Motor City Comics #1
      Yellow Dog Comics #13
      Mean Bitch Thrills #1
      Bijou Funnies #4
      Hup Comics #1, 3, 4
      Self-Loathing Comics #2
      Aline And Bob's Dirty Laundry Comics #1
      Bob's Burgers #1
      Infinite Crisis #3, 4
      Thor #8 (the Jason Aaron/Jane Foster run)
      Amazing Fantasy #1
      Astonishing Tales #30
      Lucifer #1
      Rock! Shock! Pop!


      • I picked this one up for under $4. The cover is detached and completely split, held together by two pieces of tape. But it really shows well and I love little surprises like this one. Click image for larger version

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        "The popcorn you're eating has been pissed in. Film at 11".


        • Nice find.


          • Went to a con on Saturday, grabbed a few books on the cheap.

            Star Wars High Republic Adventures #1, 2
            New Gods #5, 9
            Frank Frazetta's Creatures #1
            Frankencastle #17
            Ralph Snart Adventures #1
            Green Arrow Green Lantern #2
            Aliens Special #1
            Rocketeer Special #1
            Miracleman 3-D #1
            Miracleman Apocrypha #1
            Zodiac #2, 3
            Astonishing Tales #4
            Tales Of Ordinary Madness #1
            Wolverine Blood Hungry TPB
            Daredevil #191
            Wonder Man #1

            And not so cheap, but still very well priced.... a copy of G.I. Joe #21.
            Rock! Shock! Pop!


            • Grabbed the first three issue of P. Craig Russell's Night Music for $0.50 each yesterday.
              Rock! Shock! Pop!


              • Hobby shop in town is getting out of comics and going to RPGS and CCGs. So comics are heavily discounted.

                Elfquest vol 3 and 4.Those Starblaze tpbs from wwhat the 80s. was 5 for the two total
                Prophet remission vol 1-that revamped prophet run was 3 bucks
                Planetary vol 2-3 bucks
                2001 a space oddesy issue 9-2 bucks.

                They got a Police Comics issue with a nice Plastic Man cover I got my eye on. Still wanting 20 for it. Which is a decent price. But I know it has been in the shop for years. I wait a bit might get it for 10 or 15 from the owner.