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  • Local antique mall has one booth that will have reader copy of comics for buck to 5 bucks each. Met the owner a week ago. He wanted more "Superhero stuff. These old war books and cartoon books dont sell fast" Told him I have right at 100 capeshit comics I want to get rid of. So exchanged phone numbers and told him I would be by later this week.

    Went today traded him 50 dc/marvel comics I might have paid a quarter for each and got.

    7 issues of Whos Who and Whos Who update 87(too bad 4 of the 7 were ones i already had.)


    • I grabbed a bunch of bargain books at Terrificon in CT last week and forgot to post about them.

      These were all either $1 or $2 each.

      Image #1, 2
      Cherry Poptart #8, 11
      Cherry's Jubilee #1
      Collected Cherry Poptart Vol. 2
      Space Adventures #12 (Ditko)
      Creepy Things #1
      Ghost Manor #19, 95
      Ghostly Tales #98
      Swamp Thing #28
      Godzilla: Monsters And Goliaths #2
      Dark Horse Classics: Godzilla King Of The Monsters #1, 5
      Terror Of Godzilla #4, 5
      Godzilla In Hell #3, 5
      Amazing Heroes #15, 61, 80
      Imagine #3, 4
      Fantasy Masterpieces #4
      Rom #75
      Trillium #1
      Sandman Universe #1

      And a half doze or so Russ Cochran EC reprints I didn't have.

      I also grabbed a Swamp Thing #2 (only need a #5 to complete my run of original Wrightson issues) and a Conan #9 (completing my Barry Windsor Smith Conan run).
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