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  • Hack-O-Lantern Coming From Massacre Video

    "We just acquired the rights to 'Hack-o-Lantern' aka 'Halloween Night' and just picked up the original camera negatives.

    This will be our first 4k scan of a title! Coming 2015 to Blu-ray and a theater near you!"

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    Ian Jane
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    PLOT: (from IMDB)

    A kindly old grandfather is actually the leader of a murderous satanic cult which sacrifices its victims on Halloween.
    Never seen it....but it doesn't look like something that anyone would want ot make too much effort in restoring!!

    Movie review:

    In fact, don't worry about anything. Just sit, back in the glow of the absolute and total pointlessness and incompetence on display, and do the only thing any right-thinking individual can do when confronted with such a genuinely other-worldly spectacle


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      I've never seen it either...but the review in the Bleeding Skull book makes it sound like a great trashy drink-and-choke-on-your-laughter kinda movie. Bad metal band performances (LASER BEAMS TURN CYMBALS INTO SHRUNKEN HEADS!!!) - a satantic killer in a mask brands someone's ass with a pentagram - sex in a graveyard and weightlifting in a basement - arbitrary dubbing that is never dubbed correctly - a murder-crazed grandpa who mimics Charles Nelson Reilly - a credit for unit production manager simply reads "Dude"...I must see this. I bet there is at least one porn star in it.
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        Seeing as apparently ALL the women in this flick lose their tops at some point...I think there very well may be a porn star or two in there (amateur obviously !!_)


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          IMDB says Jeanna Fine is in it.

          Her porn career is pretty extensive.
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            There's a picture in the Bleeding Skull book on the page for this film that I thought looked like Lois Ayres (doesn't say who it is) but it could be Fine (who's actually not a bad actress...not that it may matter for this film).
            I don't go to church. Kneeling bags my nylons.


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              Jag Mundhra FTW! This movie is beyond ridiculous but holy shit is it fun. Just check out this scene which turns into an ENTIRE DC Lacroix music video:



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                I watched HACK-O-LANTERN for the first time last Halloween and had a blast with it. Below are the impressions I wrote down afterward. I will gladly upgrade my VHS rip.

                Here's an excellent example of a "so-bad-its-good" film. It's well shot and never boring. Most of the characters comically overact and something WTF happens every few minutes. Some highlights are a rock video that comes out of nowhere and a random guy who begins a standup routine outside a party where the smokers are hanging out. There are also head scratching continuity problems like the actress that gets her ass branded in a satanic ritual no longer has the brand when she's playing a stripper minutes later. Maybe she was playing twins. There is no shortage of gore or nudity as well. HACK-O-LANTERN is good fun and if it was shot on film I'd love to see a proper DVD release. Thanks MP.


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                  I've seen it and Jeanna Fine is definitely in the film. Lois Ayers may be, I don't remember now. Mundhra used to cast a number of adult performers in his early films. I remember it being an entertaining film for a low budget horror film.


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                    I'm pretty sure Lois is the second girl getting her ass branded.


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                      LOL wow. Hack-O-Lantern in 4K... who would have thought? I actually enjoyed this movie so maybe I'll pick it up.


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                        Cover art, more details to be announced soon.

                        Click image for larger version

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                          Not surre about that cover lol......

                          Somebody's kid doing a work experience fortnight in the art offices is thr only explanation for that in my opinion..


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                            I'm so glad this is finally coming out!
                            Why would anybody watch a scum show like Videodrome? Why did you watch it, Max?


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                              I just noticed (if it's to be believed) that someone bought the VHS release of this on ebay back on January 18 for $1K! Yikes!!! As an obsessive collector myself, I feel sorry for folks that are now trying to buy every rare horror movie on VHS for their collections, as I'm sure it has to be pretty costly. (I remember buying this title a couple of decades ago along with dozens of others for $5 apiece at a little store going out of business.)
                              VHS will never die!