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    I don't know if we needed a third film in the series, but we got one.

    "Fame-obsessed teens hell-bent on capturing the next viral video discover they are the stars of the latest internet sensation. V/H/S VIRAL is the third and most intense installment in the groundbreaking horror franchise from the world's top genre filmmakers.

    Directed by: MARCEL SARMIENTO (Dead Girl), GREGG BISHOP (Dance of the Dead), NACHO VIGALONDO (Timecrimes), and JUSTIN BENSON & AARON MOORHEAD (Resolution)"
    Rock! Shock! Pop!

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    I couldn't get through the first one.


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      "The popcorn you're eating has been pissed in. Film at 11".


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        Originally posted by Koukol View Post
        I couldn't get through the first one.
        I never saw the first one, but the second one is worth seeing for Safe Haven (Gareth "The Raid" Evans & Timo "Killers" Tjahjanto) alone.


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          Coming to DVD/Blu-ray from Magnolia 2/17/15.

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            I always skipped this due to bad reviews and holy shit all the flak is deserved. this is clearly the worst part of the franchise, only the "parallel demon dimension" segment with the alien penises (yup!) is barely okay. but then something surprising happened... when the credits rolled they kind of implemented a neat feature, where you can see the movie being rewinded in the background. so in anticipation of a punchline I skipped to the end and got this:

            the hidden fourth segment gorgeous vortex that was cut from the original movie and I really liked it! it's a 15 min. surreal nightmare with no dialogue, a gorgeous looking lead actress and a killer soundtrack!
            I totally didn't knew about this! reviews always mentioned 3 segments and I never knew that a fourth segment existed. even better it seems like it's no integral part of the movie, after the credits rolled the screen goes black and it plays like a hidden track (you can't even access it through the menu).

            idk maybe I'm making to much of it, but if you didn't know about it it came like a neat little surprise!
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              Yeah, the "Bonestorm" segment was probably the low point up to then in the series. If you check out V/H/S/94, I'll be curious to read your reaction. Mine was that it was inferior to VIRAL, whose first 2 segments ("Dante the Great" and "Parallel Monsters") I thought were decent. The only story I enjoyed a bit in 94 was Timo Tjahjanto's "The Subject," although it reminded me too much of FRANKENSTEIN'S ARMY.

              Disappointment in the decline of the franchise notwithstanding, I'm sure I'll check out V/H/S/99 when it becomes available to me for cheap.
              VHS will never die!


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                Originally posted by Lorne Marshall View Post
                If you check out V/H/S/94, I'll be curious to read your reaction.
                ha I already did

                Originally posted by killer must kill again View Post

                worth viewing for the 3rd segment alone (same guy who did the safe haven segment from v/h/s/2). imho the completely bonkers ending even saved the lame segment about the white supremacist group. the last part of the wraparound story sucked though. all in all better than expected.

                hail ratmaa!
                for me it was a return to form for the series, but they supposedly botched it with v/h/s 99 (again).