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  • The Prom Night franchise!

    Another franchise often seen at the mom and pop video store alongside the plethora of other straight to video titles and the dozen or so Witchcraft movies and Charles Band productions. Even though the first two weren't straight to video.

    Prom Night 1: first time I saw it (I was maybe thirteen or fourteen) I found it very slow and I never finished watching it. Somewhat recently I caught up with it and thought it was a damn good, fairly intelligent slasher. It plays out more realistically then you'd think it would and comes off more as an early 70's Gialli. Good film.

    Prom Night 2 (Hello Mary Lou): I know I made a thread on this one but I love this fucking film. One of my all time guilty pleasures and one of those flicks that was on the USA Network almost all the time for some reason. Really fun supernatural/possession/slasher flick. Features Michael Ironside, one hell of a locker room kill, and makes a good double bill with Christine for a "the 50's are back for revenge" horror show.

    Prom Night 3 (The Last Kiss): a followup from Hello Mary Lou and does something a little different, with the Mary Lou spirit falling in love and helping a guy as a kind of evil genie. Plays out as much more of a comedy then part 2 but still fun, not a whole lot to say about it other then it's a decent flick.

    Prom Night 4 (Deliver Us from Evil): like Hello Mary Lou, this was not intended to be part of the franchise but it oddly fits. This time it's just a stand alone slasher flick with a killer priest going after some teenagers partying after prom. The most generic title in the franchise but par for the course for a slasher and delivers the three B's of a horror flick.
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    I can't wait for the Blu of part 1 so I can finally see what is going on in the film and decide if I actually like it or not. The sequels on the other hand, I find to be loads of fun. Any word on those getting HD releases?


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      I've only seen the first 3....the first one bores the hell out of me, and I don't remember the third one. But Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night 2? One of my favourites. I love it.


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        The 101 Films Blu-ray release of the original is available now.

        Brand new extras:

        Chasing the Final Girl, a new documentary on the “Final Girl” in horror movies
        An interview with director Paul Lynch
        Audio commentary with FrightFest's Paul McEvoy and filmmaker Jake West
        Limited Edition booklet: includes 'Just Some F****** Nerdy Brother': Prom Night and the strange case of the Canadian slashers by Dave Alexander and Dance 'Til You're Dead: Composer Paul Zaza remembers the music of Prom Night by James Burrell

        Additional extras:

        Audio commentary with Director Paul Lynch and Screenwriter William Gray
        The Horrors of Hamilton High: The Making of “Prom Night” - Featurette
        Collection of additional scenes added for television broadcast
        Motion still gallery
        Original radio spots
        Original theatrical trailer and television spots


        Cert: 18
        Runtime: 217 mins
        Subtitles: English HOH
        Region: B
        Format: Blu-ray
        Cat no.: 101BL011

        First 3,000 copies come with limited edition slipcase and booklet

        Click image for larger version

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          Director Paul Lynch will be doing a signing at Dark Delicacies on 6/3/24.

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            Despite all the praise I've yet to see Prom Night 2. It's up on Shudder.

            The first film is a solid if unremarkable slasher, elevated a bit by the presence of Jamie Lee Curtis and a better-than-expected ending.


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              Prom Night II is fun. I prefer it to the first one


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                Originally posted by Newt Cox View Post
                Prom Night II is fun. I prefer it to the first one
                I prefer it to all the other movies in the series. I love that locker room shower scene!


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                  It looks like we may never see the sequels hit Blu-ray but the reasons for that feel vague and poppycock-y to me. It was first reported years ago that Bill Lustig (Blue Underground) wasn't interested in seeking out the sequels because his release for the original film wasn't a great seller, which in and of itself sounds preposterous. One of the best slashers ever made and nobody bought it? Sure. Then, on another forum, someone said the entire series is now controlled by a company called Filmrise but others chimed in that it's actually Lionsgate who owns Parts III and IV (nobody knows about II). Of course no one knows for sure unless you're a seasoned Insider but if LG does control the last two entries, they would've been released via the Vestron line years ago.


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                    Part II was filmed at the high school my mom went to in Edmonton.