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Terror Vision Releasing Psycho Sisters

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  • Terror Vision Releasing Psycho Sisters

    Coming in June!


    As little girls Jackie and Jane witnessed the gruesome deaths of their parents. As teenagers they watched helplessly as their younger sister was attacked and murdered. Now Jackie and Jane are being released from a psychiatric institute after years of therapy. Ellenville, New Jersey will now have a couple of serial killers moving in! Jane is the tougher older sister who views the slayings as business-as-usual. Jackie begins softening in her murderous ways, curious to experience romance and love - encouraged by her dead sister’s ghost. The bodies start piling up with the police scratching their heads, but no one could fathom these two sweet girls are up to no good!

    From a short film in the early 90s, to a shot-on-video feature in 94, and then a remake that was shot on film in 98... Terror Vision is proud to include all of these films in one place with a brand new 4K restoration of the 16mm OCN of the 1998 version for the definitive release of Psycho Sisters!
    Note: In order to have the uncut/full version of the film (1998); a BetaSP master was used for certain scenes in this remaster.

    Special Features:

    1993 Psycho Sisters Demo (21 min)
    1994 Psycho Sisters SOV Feature (S-VHS)
    Peter Jacelone Afterwards from 1995/1998/2024
    Psycho Sisters BTS On Video (1998)
    Psycho Sisters BTS On Film (1998)
    Deleted Scenes (1998) (SD)
    Meadow Lands Showcase Halloween Takeover (1989)
    Jolene Theme Music Video (Remastered)
    Chiller Theatre: Psycho Sisters Interviews
    Psycho Sisters Uncut Opening (1998) (SD)
    Psycho Sisters Teaser Trailer (1994) (SD)
    Psycho Sisters Trailer (1998) (Remastered)
    Shopping Carts On The Meadow Lands Showcase Excerpt
    The Day The Shopping Carts Came To Life (Short)
    The Lost Child (Short)
    Splatter Chatter Video Horror Magazine (60 min)
    Newly Created Subs for Psycho Girls (1994 and 1998)

    Click image for larger version

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    Saturns Core released the original on BLU last year or the year before. Might have to order this one


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      After watching the Saturn's Core release I was looking to track down the 1998 version. Thought I was going to be stuck with DVD. I'll order this, possibly later today.