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'Gallery of Horror' (1967) Dir. David L. Hewitt.

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  • 'Gallery of Horror' (1967) Dir. David L. Hewitt.

    This perfectly pulpy, Creepy-creaky vintage Horror anthology has its prodigiously Ed Wooden prose elevated by horror maestros, Lon Chaney and macabre Monkey Suit monologist, John Carradine. A deliciously absurd and grungily atmospheric compendium that feels like a sluggishly sexless Fumetti come to fuzzy analogue life. Trash-humping degenerates who venerate, Al Adamson's scintillatingly septic ouvre will manifestly get this, while others might not. Artlessly mounted, yet bizarrely engaging, David L. Hewitt's generously cobwebbed Gallery of comic strip ghoulishness delivers a murky menagerie of recklessly recycled Roger Cormanized Gothicry. A riotously entertaining 60s schlockfest that richly deserves a foggily retrograded V2000 edition to lowlight its distractingly dingy drive-In dramatics!

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    I own a copy and watch it every so often. Having said that, you know this is going to smell like a Sasquatch dump and you inhale deeply anyway and bitch about it afterwards. Then a year later, you willingly smell it again. I do think the last segment is entertaining for all the wrong reasons.
    "The popcorn you're eating has been pissed in. Film at 11".