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    I figured it might be easier and less clutter if I just established a string for all things SRS.

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    Let me explain… the “Mansplained” indiegogo perks are shipping, but that means the countdown to campaign end is on - grab your limited edition blu-ray now will you still can! Evan did a great job on it, seriously spooky and unsettling and surreal. We’re excited for you all to see this! Get yours now only at Thank you!!


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      "The woods are alive with evil and monstrous, ancient entities!” Mark Polonia’s latest, “Yule Log” is now shipping. It is another Polonia’s Bros home run - a definite “Evil Dead” vibe, fun and scary! But now that perks have shipped, the countdown has begun to Indiegogo campaign end. Reserve your limited edition Blu-ray or DVD now or risk missing out at


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        We are LIVE with the August limited edition Blu-ray releases. Be the coolest collector on your block with the epic "The Whale God", (plus limited VHS on this one too), the lost "Feast for the Beast", and the crazy fun "Atomic Gorilla". All amazing releases, all extremely limited, so grab yours now (or save with the combo pack) at


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          Step into the Nightmare! Help us bring "31 Kills of Halloween" to life!

          Indiegogo Campaign Link:

          Are you ready to experience 31 nights of spine-chilling terror this Halloween season? We've got something wicked in the works - a horror movie like no other! Join our hair-raising journey as we delve into the sinister world of "31 Kills of Halloween." This film will keep you on the edge of your seat, gasping with each shocking twist and turn. But to bring this nightmare to the silver screen, we need YOUR support!

          By contributing to our Indiegogo campaign, you'll not only help us make this horror masterpiece a reality, but you'll also gain exclusive perks and the satisfaction of knowing you're part of something truly terrifying. Pledge today and unlock rewards such as limited edition merchandise, digital downloads, physical media, and even the chance to be featured in the film!

          Let your friends and fellow horror enthusiasts know about "31 Kills of Halloween" - share the link, spread the word, and together, we'll make this Halloween an unforgettable nightmare!

          Don't wait - time is ticking, and the horrors are lurking. Join our campaign NOW, and let's bring fear to life this Halloween!

          #31KillsOfHalloween #HorrorMovie #IndiegogoCampaign #SupportIndieFilms #HalloweenHorror #JoinTheNightmare


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            You’re gonna need a bigger stadium in Brett Kelly’s “Kaiju Glam Metal Shark Attack”


            Are you ready to be shredded by a tidal wave of music, mayhem, and monstrous fun? Introducing "Kaiju Glam Metal Shark Attack" – the ultimate fusion of jaw-dropping kaiju action and headbanging glam metal! Dive into a world where epic guitar solos meet ferocious oceanic beasts, and prepare to be blown away by the most fin-tastic campaign of the year!

            It's a unique and electrifying concept that combines two awesome worlds – the thrilling excitement of giant monster battles and the high-energy vibes of glam metal concerts.

            An accident from space has resulted in the creation of a Kaiju shark man! The wanton destruction has a pair of glam rock loving music fans worried that the concert they have been waiting their whole year for will be cancelled. Will the world be destroyed? Will the glam metal concert go on? Kaiju Glam Metal Shark Attack is Godzilla meets Detroit Rock City meets JAWS! Featuring music from Gelatin Skelatin and directed by the creator of Jurassic Shark, Puppet Shark and more!

            Please HELP support indie cinema. We have exclusive perks - Get your hands on limited-edition physical media, digital downloads, on up to roles in the movie. Who doesn’t want to be a featured “frightened citizen” in a kaiju movie?! Dream come true!! You can even show more support and get your name in lights with one of our producer perks - right next to Brett and producer Ron Bonk!

            Ready to join the frenzy? We have a bigger than average goal on this one due the extra high budget (and that goal ISN’T our budget, just what we are hoping to hit to off-set the costs here). Help us bring this one-of-a-kind spectacle to life and become a proud supporter of an indie movie project that's set to make waves in both the kaiju and metal communities! Get ready to rock, roll, and ravage with the "Kaiju Glam Metal Shark Attack"! Let's make this a campaign that will blast the roof off!

            #KaijuGlamMetalSharkAttack #IndiegogoCampaign #RockTheOcean #MonstrousMusic


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                Kaiju fans, the obscure stop-motion short “The Giant Brine Shrimp” is getting a first ever physical media release as an exclusive extra on the “Kaiju Glam Metal Shark Attack” Indiegogo physical media ONLY. If you want to see and own this awesome giant monster short, better get on here and support!


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                  We are live with the SRS Cinema September Blu-ray Presales, including Shawn C. Phillips / Lauren Francesca's scary fun "Woods Witch" and Jeff Kirkendall's spooky never released shot on video epic "Terror of the Master". Both are extremely limited, so grab them ASAP (and save with the combo deal),


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                    ???? Dive into the world of podcasts and serial killers with Killcast ????️‍♂️????️


                    We have launched our latest campaign, another collaboration with the super talented and award-winning Josh Graves, who’s promising us a brutal, terror and suspense filled movie. Will you help us reach our goal?!

                    ???? Hey there, fellow thrill-seekers and podcast aficionados! Get ready to unravel a spine-chilling tale like never before. Introducing Killcast, the movie that will have you on the edge of your seat! ????????

                    Bodies are piling up in the city, and a mysterious killer plagues the streets. With zero leads on the killer's identity, a local true crime podcaster decides to do her own investigating, discovering clues as she spreads news about the gruesome murders. Soon she has the #1 podcast in America, but when the murders suddenly stop, her once thriving show sinks. Now she'll do whatever it takes to get the news flowing again, going deep into the dark underbelly of the town, and uncovering secrets that should have stayed buried.

                    ???? Join the Journey! Be a part of the Killcast movement by supporting our Indiegogo campaign. By backing this project, you're not just funding a movie; you're supporting independent cinema and art!

                    ???? Exclusive Perks Await! We've got some thrilling perks lined up for our backers, from special thanks, to acting perks, all the way on up to Executive Producer! Your support means the world to us, and we can't wait to share this cinematic experience with you.

                    ???? Ready to embark on a journey of suspense and gore and uncover the secrets that lie beneath the surface? Click the link to our Indiegogo campaign and be a part of Killcast today! ????????


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                      The SRS Cinema October Blu-rays have launched, and what a launch! “The Great Yokai War: Guardians”, “Amityville Bigfoot” and “Carnal Mayhem”. 3 awesome titles, never released in North America before! Be the coolest indie horror/sci-fi collector with these ultra limited editions (Blu-ray and VHS) now at


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                        The deranged gore flick “Mother Mortis” is now shipping, be the coolest indie horror fan on your block with this limited edition Blu-ray. It’s like John Waters meets “Texas Chainsaw Massacre!


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                          “Slaughter Beach” is one of the funniest slashers in recent memory, a love letter to movies like “Scream” and “I Know What You Did Last Summer”. Now shipping, perfect Halloween viewing. Be the coolest indie horror fan on your block with this limited edition Blu-ray from


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                            Korea’s first ever animated movie, “The Story of Hong Gil-Dong” on blu-ray for the first time ever and now shipping! Own this piece of history and be the coolest collector on your block at


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                              Happy Halloween, and a reminder that this ends today - the SRS Cinema Halloween Sale, twenty five titles on sale, grab them while you can at