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'The House of Clocks' (1989) - Lucio Fulci.

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  • 'The House of Clocks' (1989) - Lucio Fulci.

    Abounding joyfully with his signature gore, it should come as no real surprise that the inimitable Horror visionary, Lucio Fulci, unleashed one of the more inventively insane home invasion horrors of the 80s with his tightly wound, time-warpingly strange blood-spiller, 'The House of Clocks'. 3 pot-addled, opportunistically larcenous, thrill seeking delinquents meet their gruesome, untimely deaths when they ill-advisedly break into this spookily isolated, horologically-inclined horror house! Not often celebrated, Lucio Fulci's miniature macabre masterpiece shows the maestro on rare form, vividly creating a number of bravura set pieces and an exhilaratingly grisly climax, the memorably loopy 'The House of Clocks' remains a timeless terror treat that any dedicated Fulci fanatic really shouldn't miss!

    Made with economy, style, and an appreciably mordant wit, terror titan, Lucio Fulci playfully creates a singularly bizarre atmosphere of chill, impending dread within this evilly ensorselled villa, and, Nino Celeste's snazzy photography is another aesthetically pleasing highlight, with many of The House of Clocks more visually striking tableaus having an otherworldly, Mario Bava-esque quality! It's high time for horror fans to reappraise, Fulci's sinisterly surreal, eminently watchable, bewitchingly bonkers splatter classic! With its exceedingly ominous octogenarian necromancers, glorious gouts of visceral, belly-bursting bloodshed, enjoyably off-kilter performances of the callous, cat torturing creeps,
    Vince Tempera's boisterous score, and, as ever, greatly beloved Euro-cult legend, Al Cliver is a sight for sore eyes!

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