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'Tender Flesh' aka 'Welcome to Arrow Beach' (1974) - Laurence Harvey.

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  • 'Tender Flesh' aka 'Welcome to Arrow Beach' (1974) - Laurence Harvey.

    The tantalizingly torrid, terrifically tasteless 70s terror flick, 'Tender Flesh' aka 'Welcome to Arrow Beach' (1974) is an inglorious intrusion into the insanely introverted, powerfully perverted, persistently peeping, sordidly sin-seeping brain of the sea-front dwelling, entertainingly insane, not just a little bit profane, sinisterly shock-headed swain, Jason Henry (Laurence Harvey).

    'Tender Flesh' boasts a macabre, magnificently maladjusted male protagonist, whose perfectly perfidious peccadilloes not infrequently inspires a most gruesome fate for all his wretched victims, so brutally indisposed by Henry's all-too frequent flesh-feasting! Fans of the seamier side of obscure, off-beat American horror could do far worse than checking out neophyte director, Laurence Harvey's flawed, yet uniquely disturbing attempt at crafting a sleazily downbeat, Drive-In oddity. The uncommonly lovely, Joanna Pettet and mesmerizing cerulean-eyed goddess, Meg Foster, both adding a dazzling contrast of feminine luminosity to the otherwise morbidly dour, grimly monochromatic decent into Henry's haemoglobin harvesting monomania! Again, not a great film, and for many, perhaps, a truly dreadful one, but the manifestly strange happenings on Arrow Beach fascinated me enormously!

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