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'Nigel The Psychopath at Large' (1994) – Jim Larsen.

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  • 'Nigel The Psychopath at Large' (1994) – Jim Larsen.

    1st there was murder master, Bates, then hateful Henry; but is the horror world ready for nasty Nigel????? Bravura backyard blood-chucker, Jim Larsen's skeezicks 90s S.O.V slasher, 'Nigel The Psychopath at Large'is lugubriously lurid, bodaciously bad, mesmerizingly mad and deliriously dingy to know! A riotous work of whacked-out wrong-headedness, the incredulous ineptitude, bullish stupidity, and retrograde humanity on display is glorious to behold! This, as yet, uncrowned disasterpiece of Homemade horror has all the refined aesthetic sensibilities of a palsied, up skirting deviant, the more depraved schlock-seekers might unashamedly appreciate its guileless gore-mongering! While it would be fair to say that the asinine analogue antics within this delightfully dubious, D.I.Y death-dealer are imbued with all narrative nuance of a ruptured colostomy bag, at its very best, 'Nigel The Psychopath at Large' delivers trauma-inducing, car crash celluloid of the most B-Movie bossage magnitude! While VHS horror is long dead, it certainly left us at least one spectacularly effed up looking corpse!!!

    'Like slowly drowning in a bathtub of mescaline, 'Nigel The Psychopath at Large' sucks in all the best ways!!! - Philomena Fellatio / Salon Titty.

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