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'Fatal Images' (1989) - Dennis Devine.

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  • 'Fatal Images' (1989) - Dennis Devine.

    This creepy, camera-crazed kook will F-Stop at NOTHING to gorily unspool your filmy gizzards in skeevey, no-budget, schlock-slathered slasher sensation, 'Fatal Images'. Hey now, to be fair, this asinine, fuzz-faced, boggle-eyed artisan really BLEEDS for his art, dude!!! Sordidly shot with all the artistic integrity of Chuck Berry's U-Bend home videos, 'Fatal Images' clumsily compensates with its abundantly crude photography, overexposed thrift store theatrics, and an wildly incongruous, Biblically bonkers, reality decimating climax, 'Fatal Images' greasily delivers a salty smorgasbord of sordid delights! While I readily accept that a great MANY horror fans would sooner examine their own doo-doo than willingly expose themselves to such a misbegotten, profoundly unfocused, majestically muddled murder fest like, 'Fatal Image', but ever since I stopped taking my meds I find that my tolerance for sinema merde is almost limitless!

    'Stay out of this douche nozzle's darkroom, as this satanic shutterbug is gonna stick you savage with his terror tripod!' - Finneas Flange the Ferociously Fapping Fink.

    'Rudimentary, debasing, inarticulate, and spectacularly stupid...I freakin' loved every moronic minute!' - Philomena Fellatio / Salon Titty.

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