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'Skinned Deep' (2004) – Gabe Bartalos.

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  • 'Skinned Deep' (2004) – Gabe Bartalos.

    Weirdly overlooked, generously over-spooked, splatter scientist Gabe Bartalos's creepily creative, spiritedly splatter-slathered, 'Skinned Alive' remains a grossly underappreciated, blackly funny, strikingly surrealistic chunkblower, featuring one of the more monstrously mutated, man-mutilating maniacs in Wide-scream history! Struck off for sordid surgical savagery, the monomaniacal, medically malign machinations of this unlicensed spastic surgeon makes highly regarded FX supremo Gabe Bartalos's haemoglobin heavy horror phantasmagoria, 'Skinned Deep' one of the more gruesomely gratifying, boisterously bonkers, fiendishly funny, unfairly bargain binned B-Movie bloodbaths of the noughties, and any tweaked Splatter Mad Hatters who feel peaked by jump-scare juvenilia should make an appointment to get fatally freaked by the Surgeon General!

    'With his gruesome-looking grill, and sinister scalpel skill, this psychopathic surgeon General uses more than his looks to kill!!!' - Weirdlingwolf.

    'This sadistic, saw-jawed, backalley butcher is a real cut-up!' - Tor Bronson / Heroic Blood Shed.

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