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    Originally posted by Gary Banks View Post

    For me the perfect version would be a combo of both. Open with the US version of The Telephone as I like the ghost angle more than the Italian murder version, then the Karloff version (US obviously) and end with the Italian version of Drop Of Water with its ending fixed on the corpse.
    Interesting idea. Thank You.


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      Today's movie was Alligator II: The Mutation. It was bad. It felt more like a shitty 70's B-movie than the original did, which actually WAS a 70s B-movie!


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        Day 15

        31 Days of Horror 2022 Day 15 Color Out of Space

        TITLE-HP Lovecraft's Color Out of Space

        SOURCE-RLJE Blu Ray

        After owning this Blu Ray for a good bit I finally watched it. Based on the classic Lovecraft story this is a great modern retelling of it.

        Directed by Richard Stanley,and starring Nic Cage and Joely Richardson,the film takes that classic story,inserts in in modern times and managed to finally make a Stanley film I enjoyed.

        Nic and his wife Joely live out in a rural area. They have 3 kids and are trying to live off the land. Then one night a meteor lands on their property. And the space rock gets hit by lightning. Something from the meteor ends up going into the land and local water supply. Which starts odd changes to the family.

        Like the wife is chopping up some carrots and ends up cutting off two of her fingers. The youngest son keeps hearing voices coming out of the well. And no matter how many times the eldest son puts the alpacas in the barn they are never in the barn.

        Sure this story has been made into a film a few times,with The Curse being the best known and most modern version.

        I love how over the past 4 years we have been getting a pile of well done horror film with Nic Cage as the lead. Stuff like Mandy and Willy's Wonderland.

        So if you enjoy Lovecraft and want to see one of the better adaptations of his work this is one to track down. Good acting,decent script and some well done FX work. Plus if you love body horror this is one to watch.

        Color out of Space gets a B+.

        Cody covers Cannibal Holocaust


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          31 Days of Horror 2022 Day 16 Easter Bunny Massacre

          TITLE-Easter Bunny Massacre

          SOURCE-ITN DVD

          As I mentioned earlier this month I have become a bit of a fan of the modern DTV horror. So looking for a Easter based horror film earlier this year I saw that cover and yea I had to see this.

          Made in the UK this is a slasher. That to me at least rips most of it's plot straight from Slaughter High. A group of friends are hanging out and that night while they are sleeping one of them is killed. So they hide the body,say she ran off.

          Skip ahead a year and they get invited back to where the friend died. And they get killed off by someone wearing a Easter Bunny outfit.

          Sure the acting ain't that great. And the plot is something we have seen in piles of slasher films. But there is a few inventive kills. Like one where our killer pours melted chocolate all over someone. A scene when I first saw this I thought the Easter Bunny was having diarhhea attack.

          Unlike the other DTV horror I reviewed this month,this one isn't worth buying. But last time I checked Easter Bunny Massacre is streaming free on TUBI. Go give it a watch.

          Easter Bunny Massacre gets a D+

          Cody covers Manhatten Baby

          I personally like Manhatten Baby. COdy isn't a big fan of gore for gores sake.


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            In The Earth
            (Ben Wheatley, 2021)

            Shot in the summer of 2020, when such concerns must have still felt quite scary and new, Ben Wheatley's latest begins by quickly sketching out the parameters of a world in which a pandemic has progressed in a considerably worse direction than the one we've all been living with for the past few years.

            Our protagonist Martin (Joel Fry) has just emerged from four months in isolation, and is subjected to extensive - if inconsistently applied - health & hygiene checks before being allowed to enter the 'sterile area' on the outskirts of a national park; granulated coffee has become a rare and valued commodity, and there is grim speculation about families fleeing the city to camp out in the forest ("Bristol was hit very badly in the third wave..").

            Al of this is gradually forgotten though once Martin and park ranger Alma (Ellora Torchia) set out on foot to reach the remote camp where Martin's former colleague Dr Wendel (Hayley Squires) has been alone, conducting research, for some time.

            (I'm not sure I quite buy the area that there are still areas of forest of the west of England so dense and inaccessible that they can also be reached through several days solid hiking, especially given that the doctor's set-up is kitted out with at least a lorry-load of specialist equipment when we eventually reach it, but... never mind, let's just go with it.)

            Although the events which transpire during Martin & Alma's journey certainly contain strong trace elements of a modern horror film (gory injury detail, axe-weilding psychos, desperate fights for survival), it's easy to see why so many viewers were disappointed with one, given the way it was marketed

            What Wheatley has essentially done here, y'see, is make another totally zonked out, bad trip 'head movie', following a structure which put me in mind at various points of 'Heart of Darkness', 'Stalker', '2001: A Space Odyssey' and Saul Bass's 'Phase 4', but that in essence can probably be traced all the way back to the grail myths or whatever (quest > confrontation/catharsis > revelation).

            What it reminded me of more than anything though was Wheatley's own 'A Field in England' (2013), as 'In the Earth' finds him revisiting the same core premise and many of the same ideas and images in a contemporary setting, utilising an extreme/confrontational aesthetic which basically resembles the experience of making multiple bad drug decisions at an experimental music festival.

            Thematically, there's all kind of interesting stuff floating around in here - the nature of English identity and the malign/atavistic aspect of people's connection to the land, the interplay of science, culture and ritual in understanding the environment, the fine line between learning from nature and being consumed by it etc etc - but everything remains nebulous and vague, never really unpacked or nailed down amid the onslaught of bloody forest mulch and editing room psychedelia.

            In short, it's easy to see why so many people had a negative reaction to this one, but personally I got a lot out of it. In fact I'd say it's one of the most frightening and impactful films Wheatley has made to date... I foresee it lurking for a long time in the back of my mind, and I'm happy for the question of what it all "means" to stew around in there for a while, taking on new forms.... which is just what you'd expect of a good zonked out drug/quest movie really, isn't it?


            Dr Terror's House of Horrors
            (Freddie Francis, 1965)

            Pulled this one off the shelf because we needed something a bit cozy and comforting whilst coming down from 'In The Earth', and... horror films don't get much more cozy & comforting than this, I suspect.

            It may be heresy to say so, but although it has a lovely period feel, some nice directorial touches and great performances from Cushing and Lee, this one isn't actually very good, is it?

            Lee vs the crawling hand is great, and Roy Castle getting spooked by voodoo has a nice camp charm, but that aside, all the stories are basically pretty weak and undercooked. The best stuff is all in the framing narrative, really.

            Still, it's like the cinematic equivalent of a big, sugary cup of weak tea, which was what was needed here.

            BW Haggar
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              Today I watched Halloween Ends, the final chapter in the Halloween Sucks trilogy.

              Jesus Christ, that movie SUCKED. When you find yourself longing for Halloween: Resurrection, you know you're watching a shitshow.


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                The Mystery of the Wax Museum
                (Michael Curtiz, 1933)

                'Doctor X' will always be my favourite of the '30s Warners colour horrors, but this is still a wild movie too, with loads of great stuff in it.

                With its frantic pacing, wise-crackin' cynical dialogue and general air of sketchy, pre-code debauchary, my wife observed, accurately, that it feels way more modern than the Vincent Price remake.

                As expected, the UCLA restoration looks absolutely gorgeous.... all those eerily weird colours, and Anton Grot's mind-blowing, expressionistic sets.... wow.

                I really hope I'll get a chance to check out the new restoration of 'Doctor X' at some point.



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                  This week I watched The Invitation and Sinister, and I liked them both a lot. The thing about Sinister that bugged me though was this cinema logic that seemingly has to be employed in order for you to have a movie. I mean, if I saw the shit that Ethan Hawke was watching, I would have snatched my family up and gotten the hell out of that house on day one. The Invitation was more of a slow burn, but it was just so well-crafted and pretty much keeps you on the edge of your seat for the entire runtime. Sinister is the scarier of the two, but I would have no problem recommending both.


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                    The Curse of Frankenstein

                    Blood Theatre

                    Halloween Ends
                    The House that Vanished
                    Curse of the Undead
                    Burn Witch Burn
                    Double Door
                    Curse of the Faceless Man
                    Alien Abduction (The McPherson Tape, director's cut)

                    The Kiss of the Vampire
                    The Brides of Dracula
                    Taste the Blood of Dracula
                    Horror Rises from the Tomb
                    The Night of the Werewolf


                    • 31 Days of Horror 2022 Day 17 Teenage Caveman

                      TITLE-Teenage Caveman (2002 Remake)

                      SOURCE-Sony DVD

                      I had pretty much forgotten about this remake. Even though I bought it on VHS back in 2003. But that VHS,an ex-rental copy from Hollywood Video,got ate by a vcr close to 12 years ago. I was looking for something to watch on Youtube. Saw a video titled "The forgotten Larry Clark Horror/Sci Fi movie" and was like "Oh yea I need to find a copy of that film." Went to Amazon and bought one of the last new copies of the DVD they had.

                      Back in 2002 Cinemax had a pile of old AIP movies remade to premiere on their Saturday night feature. This is like what Showtime did with their Rebel Highway series in 1994,but instead of JD films Cinemax got Sci Fi or Horror films. This series of remakes was dubbed the Creature Features series. Over the 20 years since they originally aired I have managed to see all of them. Pretty sure a few years ago I covered the remake of How to Make a Monster.

                      Teenage Caveman,like most of the films in the Creature Features run,is a remake in title and basic premise only. IIRC in the original Teenage Caveman you don't learn that the film is set in a apocolyptic future until near the end of the film. In this remake fairly early on you learn this.

                      What really surprises me is how this film is forgotten. As I already mentioned it is directed by Larry Clark. Yea the infamous director of Kids,Bully and Ken Park. And well if you know Larry Clark you know that means this film will be packed with nudity and sleaze.

                      Andrew Keegan is the son of the cave tribe's leader. His father rapes Keegan's girlfriend. Keegan kills his father and he is banished from the tribe. So Andrew and a few of his friends stumble on a large city.

                      They all pass out and when they wake up they are in a solar powered apartment. Where Judith,Tiffany Limos, and Vincent,Stephen Jasso,live.

                      Judith and Vincent introduce out teenage cavepeople to excesses of sex and drug and rock n roll. Which leads us to a scene that surprised me, Vincent uses this apartments amazing stereo to play Misfits-Where Eagles Dare. I didn't expect to hear a classic Misfits song when I put this film into my VCR 19 years ago.

                      Quickly we find out that Judith and Vincent infect anyone they have sex with . This virus kills whoever has it in a fast and explosive way. Also Vincent and Judith heal from any wound super fast.

                      By the end it is Andrew Keegan vs Judith and Vincent. And SPOILERS Keegan wins but at what cost?

                      Yea the film is loaded with nudity,sleaze and has that greasy feel that every Larry Clark has. What surprises me is not only that this Creature Features series of films are forgotten,which is odd cause most of them are in many horror multipack dvd sets,but this is the Larry Clark film that no one seems to remember. Even people that haven't seen his better known films know who Larry Clark is. But this film,nope forgotten.

                      Teenage Caveman gets a C+

                      Cody covers The Vanishing


                      • Today I watched Trick or Treats from 1982 on Shudder. Bad. Looked a lot like it could have been made for TV.


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                          The Phantom of the Monastery [El Fantasma Del Convento]
                          (Fernando de Fuentes, 1934)

                          By complete coincidence, this is the second film I've watched in two days which has been restored by The George Lucas Family Foundation. If he keeps it up, I might even start to consider forgiving him for those bloody prequels...

                          Anyway - I don't think I've ever actually seen a pre-war film from Latin America before, so this proved an interesting visit to a very different time and place.

                          It's certainly far slower, more sombre and more minimal than any North American horror I've seen from the '30s, with no humour or self-awareness whatsoever, which I'd imagine might prove a stumbling block for some viewers, but it definitey has its own subtle, eerie groove once you get into the swing of it. Also includes a few hangovers from the silent era in terms of its staging and iconography, which I enjoyed.

                          And if you're into spooky monks, well... this is the movie for you. Spooky monks all over the joint. In fact, our characters here seem pretty freaked out by the very existence of monks. "How could they exist like this in this day and age?!", they keep asking each other.

                          My knowledge of Mexican history is pretty rusty to say the least, but could this be a result of the church and religious orders having been persecuted/outlawed following the revolution some years earlier? Would the very appearance of monks and Catholic paraphenalia have provided a certain frisson to Mexican audiences in 1934? I'm not sure, but perhaps the extras on the blu-ray might provide some useful context on all that.

                          BW Haggar
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                          • OCTOBER 2022

                            001-Castle Of Blood **** Sinister Cinema dvd-r
                            002-In Search Of Dracula ** Kino bd
                            003-Dawn Of The Dead(78) **** bd
                            004-Carnival Of Sinners * TCM recording
                            005-The Whip and The Body ***1/2 Midnight Choir dvd-r
                            006-Panic In Year Zero! ** bd
                            007-Doctor Blood's Coffin *1/2 MGM dvd-r
                            008-Ladron De Cadaveres ** bd
                            009-Castle Of Evil **1/2 dvd-r of vhs
                            010-From Dusk To Dawn Season One ack! dvd
                            011-Whoever Slew Auntie Roo *1/2 bd
                            012-Curse Of Frankenstein (1:37:1)**** bd
                            013-Tales Of Frankenstein **1/2 bd
                            014-War Of The Planets** TCM recording
                            015-I Drink Your Blood ** BD
                            016-Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things **** bd
                            017-Tales From The Crypt Season One *1/2 dvd
                            018-Deathmaster **1/2 dvd
                            019-Planet Of The Vampires *** Old Kino bd
                            020-Night of the Demon (UK 1957) **** bd
                            021-Black Sabbath **** bd
                            022-I,Vampiri ***1/2 bd
                            023-Mark Of The Vampire *** bd
                            024-Dracula Vs Frankenstein (71) ** bd
                            025-Mill Of The Stone Women **** bd

                            Dracula Vs Frankie is the Al Adamson movie. The version of Mill that I watched was the English Export.
                            "The popcorn you're eating has been pissed in. Film at 11".


                            • 10/17
                              Curse of the Devil


                              • 31 Days of Horror 2022 Day 18 Damien The Omen II

                                TITLE-Damien Omen II

                                SOURCE-Scream Factory Blu Ray

                                While the original Omen doesn't get the praise that fellow possession films like Rosemary's baby and The Exorcist get,for me it is the best of those films.

                                And while the sequels to Exorcist and Rosemary's baby are hated and shit on Omen 2 isn't. Why is that? Cause it is actually pretty good.

                                Based somewhat on the second novel in the Omen series. This film skips ahead a bit. Damien is now a pre teen and attending a military school. Where Lance Hendrickson helps young Damien realize what his legacy is.

                                Now sure this pales when compared to the amazing first film in the series. But it is still much better than mosst people make it out to be. The gore fx are all well done. With some really good kills. Acting is decent. And I like the plot.

                                The only real drawback to this film is the ending. Since a third film was gonna happen there is no way this film could solve the issue of Damien being the Anti-Christ.

                                Scream Factory's Blu Ray has a decent amount of extras. Got a few interviews,two commentaries and a shortish BTS feature. It looks better than it ever has and sounds great.

                                Damien The Omen II gets a C+

                                Cody covers Cronos